Wearing Makeup in College DOs & DO’Ts

There is hardly a woman that doesn’t want to look attractive – especially young women who enjoy it and take every chance to primp themselves in college. There is a certain charm in the makeup application process. But sometimes girls get sidetracked and put inappropriate makeup or simply too much of it.

If you want to use makeup to enhance your look and accentuate some features, be sure not to overdo. The key here is to keep the right balance and not mix up night and everyday looks. Choose natural everyday makeup as your go-to, whether you wear it in college or at work. In the end, it’s really easy to change it into the evening look by adding a few extra touches. Here is a simple routine you can stick to that will benefit your skin and the look.


  • DO use a primer or a moisturizer as your first step. That’s the most common thing that girls usually neglect. It helps to prepare your skin for a foundation and maintains proper skin moisture level for the whole day. 
  • DO use a concealer, but only when it’s needed. Sleepless nights in college are inevitable and happen pretty often, so some tap essayservice.com for help with assignments and quickly go to bed. But if you don’t, just cover dark circles under your eyes with a pea-size quantity of concealer. 
  • DO use powder, especially if your skin is oily. It will do the trick and save the time of re-applying makeup. Watch out as you have to only touch-up your face a little, otherwise, you’ll look older than you actually are.
  • Do use creme blush. It is an absolute must-have for every college girl who loves makeup. Its application is easy and gives you the desired subtle tint on your cheeks.
  • DON’T use powder blush as it doesn’t merge with foundation, and you might end up with uneven patches on your cheekbones. 
  • DON’T go too far with contouring your face. Contouring is trending now and helps to attain a model look. But first, you do have to know how to do it, and second, in the sun-lit places, you’ll look unnatural if not dirty (perhaps, that’s the worst-case scenario). You can use it when you want to disguise less pretty parts and highlight beautiful ones, but make sure you don’t apply too much bronzer and blend it smoothly.
  • DON’T make your skin layered and try to avoid heavy and thick consistencies as you risk having cakey or patchy skin. A better option would be either BB or CC foundations (tinted ones, in other words). You will look natural, and your makeup will be unnoticed by others.


  • DO use mascara in case your lashes lack volume or have light tips. Keep in mind that a lash curler can work wonders but use it before mascara – weak and thin lashes have never made anyone look charming. Then apply mascara, remembering that one layer will definitely suffice to look great during classes.
  • DO your brows. Fill your sparse spots with a brow pencil or brow shadows that match your natural brows color. To follow current brow trends and look even more stylish, brush eyebrows slightly upwards and style them with a special gel. 
  • DON’T overdo eyeliner. If you can’t imagine your life without lining your eyes, then draw a thin, accurate line along your upper eyelids.
  • DON’T go overboard with eyeshadows – choose toned nude colors. They would look well applied on the upper eyelids, being blended thoroughly with a soft brush.


  • DO use a lip balm. No matter whether you are heading to college or preparing for a long-awaited party, it is worthwhile to smear your lips with lip balm first. That’ll perfectly do for an everyday look. But if you do want to highlight your lips with a soft color, try out a tinted balm – a great alternative for keeping makeup fresh and shiny. 
  • DON’T apply lipsticks too often – especially matt ones. One reason is that your lips will dry dramatically. Secondly, you may not manage to line lips perfectly every morning. Moreover, matt lipsticks reduce your lips visually, making them appear too sharp-lined, so better leave them for evenings off.

Everyday makeup is lightsome and almost invisible to others, and most importantly, it doesn’t tire too much your skin. You can keep the necessary items in your purse to be always ready to add a little touch-up if you need to look groomed during the whole day, or you get invited to an unexpected party or date. Don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time in front of the mirror and take good care of your skin, especially if you have problems like acne. You will be very grateful later.