Things to Consider When Buying Kurtas for Men

The highly popular Indian ethnic wear is not only lightweight and comfortable but also enhances a man’s physique. For the same reasons, it is best to buy such clothing items whether it is for the purpose of a gift or simply shopping for the festivals. However, it can be tiring and confusing at the same time when it comes down to choosing the kurta. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry – we have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss with you the things you must consider while buying kurtas for men. So, let us get started!

Opt for the Right Store Online

Buying clothes online is better than going to a retail store, majorly because of the variety of kurta for men available. In fact, you will always notice a difference in the costs as well. Apart from this, looking for reviews while buying a clothing item is the best way to decide if it will last long or has a good quality. Sometimes, you may even find reviews like true to size or one size shorter. This will further help you in ordering the right size.

Choose the Colour based on the Time of the Day

This may sound silly at first but it really works – you should always think of the time of the day when you are supposed to wear the kurta and then decide the colour. For instance, in case the function is in the daytime, you should go for bright or pastel colours. However, for the night, you will be required to consider darker colours. Nonetheless, it is best to always consider the complexion while choosing the kurta for men.

When and where can you wear kurta?

In case you are not sure which kurta for men is the most suitable for your occasion, we are here to help you with the same. In case you are looking for the clothing item for a wedding, kurtas with dhotis are the best. Further, you can also buy solid colour kurtas with pyjamas in case you are willing to wear them on occasions like Diwali and Navratri. In fact, from family dinners to anniversary parties, you can wear kurta for men on any occasion you want.

Kurta Styles

If you are unaware of the commonly worn styles of kurta for men, we have described a few of these in detail below.

  1. Churidar Kurta Pyjama: You can wear a kurta with a churidar pyjama along with a Nehru jacket to add statement to your dress.
  2. Bandhgala Kurta Pyjama: Buttoning kurtas up to your neck enhance your physique. If you are not sure what to wear for that winter wedding, this is the best solution to your problem.
  3. Printed Kurta Pyjama: Printed Kurtas can be worn with a contrasting pair of pyjamas and these can be carried on any occasion, whether it is an afternoon event or Diwali.
  4. Pathani Kurta: The collared neckline kurtas are extremely comfortable and appealing, especially because of their length, which is below the knees.