Pre-Built, Custom, and DIY Gaming Computers: Which One to Choose?

Choosing a computer is a complex process because there are so many choices out there. To make life easier for yourself, narrow down the options by deciding what you will be using the computer for. For example, if you’re trying to get office work done, you’ll be fine with a pre-built laptop at entry level. However, if you want to play the newest games at a reasonable frame rate, you need a powerful desktop or laptop. However, these can be quite pricey depending on the spec and how your source the computer. Below, we will tell you the difference between pre-built, custom, and DIY computers.


If you’re not bothered about what your computer looks like or controlling all of the hardware inside, a pre-built computer will be the perfect choice for you. By this, we’re talking about not caring who the manufacturer is or what the RAM speed is like, etc. However, you will have some control, but this will be limited to choosing your CPU and GPU, which are essential when it comes to gaming.

You should note that a pre-built computer can be expensive because you need to pay full price for the Windows OS, and in some cases for it to be built. However, if you’re in a rush to get a new computer, you can invest in one of these and you’ll likely receive it quickly.


Many third-party retailers provide custom build services, where you choose a computer based on an initial specification and then edit it before checking out. Before opting for a custom PC, you need to understand what specifications you need, so carry out some research first. This is a great option for gamers that know what they want but don’t want to venture down the road of building it themselves. After all, when an expert builds your PC, you’ve almost always got a warranty to fall back on if anything goes wrong.


The notion of building a computer used to be alien, but thanks to YouTube, the availability of parts, and evolutions in technology, anyone can do it – it’s essentially a jigsaw puzzle. DIY computers give you control of everything including RGB lighting and fan setups, but you will need to learn about the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC. As well as knowing which computer parts to source, you have to understand the compatibility between them to avoid throttling.

Depending on who you speak to, some people will tell you that DIY computers are cheaper because you don’t need to pay someone else to build them. However, if you mess up your computer, there’s no warranty because you build it yourself.

The type of computer you buy will depend on your needs, and how you buy it will depend on the level of control you desire and the research you wish to carry out. In our opinion, the DIY option is the best because it allows you to fully understand the mechanics of a computer, which makes eventually upgrading it easier.