Modern Trends for Wearing Roaring 20s Glamour Today

Ah, the Roaring 20s. The Great Gatsby Era, the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance, the time of economic prosperity, and the decade of glitz and glamour. When you think of glamorous dresses and outfits, the 1920s trends come to mind. The fashion of this decade reflects the luxurious lifestyles and the newly liberated ideals of the time. It was a time of fashion liberation for women – no more corsets, higher hemlines that reveal the legs, shorter hairstyles, and menswear-inspired outfits – making it an exciting time to be a woman.

Although a lot of decades have passed and fashion has changed drastically, there is still a lot of inspiration from the Roaring 20s that is still fashionable up to this day. The 20s bring a sophisticated and feminine vibe that any contemporary woman can pull off. Below are some 1920s-inspired pieces that you can incorporate in your wardrobe. And you can also visit the link to know the best US casino online

1. Drop waist dress

After centuries of wearing corsets, women were finally set free from this constricting undergarment and from achieving an hourglass figure. Women chose to wear clothes that produced a boyish silhouette, hiding their curves in baggy drop-waist attire. They went to clubs and opted to wear smooth-flowing, loose dresses so they can move about and dance the Charleston freely. These straight dresses with a drop-waist are the trademark fashion of flappers, who were telling the world that they are sick of being constricted and they wanted to be free.

Now, drop waist dresses are not seen as a symbol of rebellion anymore, but just a light, simple dress that can be worn especially during spring or summer. Wear it with a trendy belt if you want to give it shape. Choose drop-waist dresses with sequins or fringe if you want to wear this style of dress for a party or night out. Moreover, open the link to see the list of the best au online pokies

2. Little black dress

Perhaps you won’t be thinking “that’s so 20’s” whenever you see a little black dress, but this decade is the time when Coco Chanel introduced this fashion staple to the world. Back then, black dresses were only worn by widows and servants. Chanel wanted to change its image, and the little black dress brought a simple yet an elegant choice of clothing for women. Now, it’s a must-have for every girl, whether they are mourning or not.

Black is preferred by a lot of women because it is slimming, and its pure solid color can be paired with any other color hue. Shop for a drop-waist or straight, sleeveless black dress. Rock the 1920s LBD look by accessorizing your dress with a pearl necklace, a feather hair clip, and metallic bangles.

3. Cloche hat

Cloche hats were ubiquitous during the 1920s since a lot of flappers tend to show off their new, short hairstyles by wearing them. These hats fit perfectly in the head and were decorated with ribbons, feathers, beads or brooches.

Today, cloche hats are still created by designers and they are used often as a winter accessory. Update your winter wardrobe by buying some light-colored cloche hats. These hats look so feminine and cute, and they suit classic winter wool coats.

4. T-strap shoes and sandals

For the first time, women get to show off their shoes and feet, as the 1920s was the time when hemlines began to rise. T-strap shoes and sandals with cutouts became popular in the decade because they are unique and more comfortable to dance in. They also allowed women to reveal a few their feet and skin.

T-strap heels and strappy sandals complement any glamorous look. It’s a timeless style that looks chic and feminine. It’s a pretty alternative to regular pumps, especially if you’re wearing a short dress. Go for thicker and shorter heels to honor the era.

5. Decorative headdress

When flappers were not wearing cloche hats, women loved to wear all kinds of hair accessories to show off their bob hairstyle. And these headdresses are glamorous – they often have gold accents and were covered in feathers, pearls, and sparkling gems and rhinestones. They can be found in the form of headbands, head wraps, bandeaus, crowns, tiaras and hair clips.

This headpiece trend started when King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered during the decade. Designers were inspired by the elaborate tomb, and every woman was inspired to look like an Egyptian queen. Art Deco was also the art movement of the era, so geometric prints were in. If you’re a fashionista, adapting these 1920s style headdresses are a great way to show off your hairstyle and complement a dress you’re wearing.

6. Statement jewelry

The jewelry of the 1920s became bolder and larger compared to the dainty and feminine jewelry of the previous periods. The jewelry trend that time was also influenced by the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and the Art Deco movement. Both of these things brought about a bolder design style to complement the glamour of the 1920s, as jewelry emphasized bold colors, geometric shapes, and luxurious decorations.

To adopt the 1920s glamour with jewelry, opt for long and dangly earrings, preferably with a design inspired by Art Deco. Choose long necklaces with chunky pendants, or a long necklace beaded with pearls, or a pearl or rhinestone choker. Add a sparkling gem brooch on your coat or dress. Wear charm bracelets or layers of metallic bangles.

7. Pastel colored clothing

Wearing pastel-colored clothing is a subtle way of adding a touch of the 20s to any look. Most silk dresses, straight-cut skirts and pleated skirts of the decade are of pastel colors, giving off a chic, feminine vibe. If you prefer pants instead of skirts and dresses, wear a pastel-colored button-down shirt and pair it with a cigarette-leg pants and a blazer, then layer your outfit with a cloche hat and pearl accessories to achieve the 20s look.