How Do You Cut Mullet Shag?

The right cut can make or break a guest’s experience, especially when working with more edgy clients. With shags and mullets making a comeback, I discovered that the mullet shag is the perfect cut for a balance of edgy and commercial spirit. Shaggy texture combined with the mullet silhouette creates the ideal shape for any client. Check out some of these hot tips to create the mullet bangs tutorial if you’re looking for the next trendy cut to offer your clients.

Cutting in a pinch

While the motion may appear to be slide cutting, it is actually a slight half-close of the shear on a section working down from the mid-shaft to the ends. This technique adds movement and a short-to-long layer silhouette to the hair, leaving volume at the length. Use this technique to shatter the blunt ends of a haircut or to create soft front face framing.

Combine it with color

We discovered that when paired with a fashion colour, this cut looks the most edgy. We chose peach and pink tones for our demo model because they provide the perfect fall vibe while remaining stylish. To achieve the most dramatic end result, use two or three colours for dimension. If your client is more conservative, combine two natural colours, such as blonde and caramel, to create an interesting commercial look.

Customize the bangs to your client’s face

Face shape is an important consideration when choosing the right haircut for your client. While curtain bangs and a centre part are popular right now, we’ve discovered that some clients look better with side bangs or even square bangs. Examine your client carefully and experiment with their hair to determine what type of bang or part will look best on them.

Be creative

Experiment with various tools and techniques. Play to your strengths while also pushing yourself to try something new. Your clients will be looking for what’s new and trendy, and using a variety of tools and techniques keeps you interesting. Keep them interested by staying informed, and give your clients the guest experience they deserve! Check out our how-to video to see how we created a fun mullet shag on our model at ULTA Beauty’s The Salon! It includes numerous cutting techniques and styling tips to ensure that you are confident in offering this look to your clients!

Mullet Care Suggestions

The mullet is all about upkeep and grooming, so schedule weekly or bi-weekly trims, especially if you have a low fade on the sides. Stylers can keep your mullet cut in place if you have curly or wavy hair. When the hair begins to grow out, it will not be as noticeable. Your sides will easily blend in with the length of your cut overall. But don’t leave it too long without a trim! For example, request a mullet with proper balance all around. You can choose a low side fade or, if you have curly textured hair, leave your sides about the same length as your top. This works well with the longer length at the back because it looks more uniform and less faux hawk-ish. The top should be cut with just enough length to allow you to go about your daily styling routine.

Mullet Styling

Step 1: Brush or comb the sides of your hair forward or backwards, depending on the direction your hair grows.

Step 2: Add shine and hold your sides in place with a gel or pomade like VO5 Gel Wax.

Step 3: Comb back the top section of your hair and shape into a pompadour-like style. Rake some wax or gel through your hair for an edgy, spiky look. Comb the sides of your top inward with your hands to give it a piecey finish. Use TIGI Bed Head Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade to slick your hair back, moulding your locks as you go for a smoother effect (most preferred by curly and wavy-haired guys).