How Can I Make A Birthday Party At Home

Needing to throw a party with a limited budget and you are at a fix on what to do. Sometimes it is borne out of the need to make your spouse or kids feel loved. 

You don’t need to go overboard to have a birthday party. In this post, we would show you how to fix a birthday party at home. Also, see for more nuggets on how to throw birthday parties for your kid. And even if you’ll just have your party at home, you must contact Premium Photo Booth Hire Adelaide for premium photo booth service that will surely add hype to your event. 

Below are the tips to have an affordable birthday celebration without losing the fun that comes with it. 

Keep Your List Simple And Short 

You don’t have to invite all your kids classmates, playmates to the birthday party. It is cool though, but depending on what you’re budgeting for the party, you don’t need it. 

Try limiting the kids to 10 – 15 as a few parents might want to stick around too which may affect your budget. 

Make Your Invitations 

Why waste hundreds of bucks on invitations card when you can just send a few digital invitations through email and SMS. It is unrealistic to create glossy or flashy cards when your kid is not getting married. 

You can also give printed invitations from stationery stores around your locality.

Search For Decoration Ideas Online 

Instead of hiring a professional decorator or going to local decorators stores to stock up on decorations and whatnot. You can just visit Pinterest and other websites that offer free birthday party decorations and print them.

Make no mistake, of getting suck into the galore and fanfare of those decorations to the extent you start questioning your birthday party, remember you are on a budget. 

Celebrate the birthday At Your House 

There is nothing bad in having a birthday in your living room, dining room, or your gardening, or anywhere that you don’t need to pay for any rent. 

It is absurd to hire a trampoline park when you can just have the birthday party at your home. 

Exclude Meal Time From Party Time 

If you host your party at mealtime, your guests will be expecting to get some meal. Shell out the time people normally have their meal, such as lunchtime of 1 pm or an evening meal toward 5 pm. 

Though, no matter what time you hold the party, you should at least serve your guests some snacks. You might be on a budget but it still doesn’t preclude you from being a human. More so, it is bad for your party if the room is full of hungry kids. 

Bake and Decorate Your Cake 

If you can bake your cake and do the necessary decorations, it would be much better. No harm if you really can’t, you can as well go grab a nice affordable cake at the nearest grocery stores. 

Organize a Paint Party 

To liven the birthday party with kids and adults showing off their creativity. Buy some canvases and acrylic paint, with a drawing brush flying around and fingers painting on a common theme. This will have a beautiful effect on the birthday party. 


Due to the advent of the new normal, the prevailing condition of the Covid 19 virus, and all its attendant issues of social distancing and abhorrence of mass congregation. You will have a fantastic birthday celebration at home if you follow all the above tips with little to no modification as much as you want.