Elure: A whitening cream that actually WORKS?

Hyperpigmentation is not just unwanted on your face and other parts of the body, it is also quite stubborn. It is caused by several factors, such as age, hormones, exposure to the sun, pregnancy, or certain illnesses.

If you have ever had hyperpigmentation marks, whether on your face or anywhere else on your body, then you know that they are so difficult to treat. A lot of people have grown so frustrated with these dark spots – no matter how many applications of over-the-counter creams, gels, oils, whitening soaps and many others, these spots won’t just fade away.

There are other options such as bleaching and laser, but these do not come cheap. Fortunately, because of the advances in science and technology, there is now a lot of skin lightening options that are almost as effective as the aforementioned procedures, without the hefty price tag. These include topical products that have supposed powerful lightening effects.

Sun spots, for one, are really stubborn types of dark spots. It seems like they’re here forever, just like freckles (and freckles can also occur upon sun exposure, although genetics play a more significant role). People have tried to find ways to get rid of sun spots, but most of the time they end up frustrated.

But all hope is not lost! There’s a relatively recent product to hit the beauty market, and it’s a cream that promises to ultimately solve your hyperpigmentation problems. It’s called Elure (often stylized as “elure” with a lower case), which was first launched around 2012. It was reportedly created after an eight-year research in an Israeli university:

Elure is the only clinically proven, topical skin lightening product that contains Melanozyme(TM), an enzyme derived from a mushroom, which effectively reduces the dark-colored pigment in skin. Many topical skin lightening products decrease melanin overproduction but they don’t target existing melanin. Additionally, many contain hydroquinone, which can irritate skin. Elure addresses all causes of skin discolorations while remaining safe and non-aggravating”

While the Elure cream is expensive (about $150 to $200), at least it’s not as expensive as, say, visits to your dermatologist’s clinic regularly. And enthusiasts swear by it: it has received generally rave reviews so indicates that it’s really effective in lightening dark spots.

Elure cream is said to help in replenishing, moisturizing and soothing the skin, giving it a bright, warm and youthful glow. The skin will become soft and supple once more.

Hydroquinone is an ingredient that is usually included in skin lightening products. However, it is also found to increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, thus causing soreness and irritation. This Elure cream does not contain hydroquinone so it’s proven safe, even for sensitive skin.

If you are using a derma roller right now on your dark spots, you can also use the Elure cream along the way to speed up the lightening process. For tips, check out this related article: “Whitening Cream and Derma Rolling in Reducing Hyperpigmentation”.

You can try Elure Advanced Facial Wash and Elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream For Face and Neck together to see more satisfactory results.