Derma Roller Review: Dr.Roller

When you think of the best derma roller in the world, it is usually the Dr. Roller, right? But does it really deserve the tag?

It seems to be that the designation as the “best roller” in the world for home use is more than just a marketing gimmick. Dr. Roller is always recommended for first-time users, while experienced ones will not want any other roller than the Dr. Roller… only. It seems that no derma roller review can go without mentioning the famous Dr. Roller.

Dr. Roller is made by Moohan Enterprises, a company based in South Korea. It is the most expensive derma roller brand out there, but are the hype and the price justified? Let’s take a look:


From the packaging alone, the Dr. Roller seems to be promising. Upon opening the packaging you will find a sturdy rounded white plastic box which are made of two units. Closing the box is easy; you will place it inside the narrower box within the unit.

Microneedle Therapy

Inside the box, the roller is sealed in another protective plastic box, the type that you need to peel the carton off to open, like some sort of a blister pack. This is good, because it assures you that the roller is new and unused. The drum itself is tightly fixed in a uniquely-shaped transparent plastic cover that keeps that microneedles from touching anything. It’s a quite clever solution because it allows you to place the roller in any way you want without worrying that the needles might get damaged.


The Dr. Roller is designed quite ergonomically. Its handle is well sculpted, in a way that you can hold the roller without making your hand and wrist feeling tired. This allows you more to precisely control the amount of pressure that you want to apply.


Like many other good quality derma rollers, the Dr. Roller’s microneedles are made from medical-grade stainless steel. Many Dr. Roller fans swear that it has the finest microneedles compared to the other brands. It’s because finer needles mean less pain, and users praise Dr. Roller as having the least painful microneedles ever, so far.

These microneedles are uniquely arranged in a cross-line formation, which is thought to better “distribute” the tiny infiltration channels on the skin as you roll.

The needles come gamma sterilized; Moohan claims that it uses the sterilization method available. Plus, it is also worth noting that Dr. Roller is the only roller that is FDA-certified.

With the regular and proper use of the Dr. Roller, you can see dramatic and remarkable results in the disappearance of acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, post-traumatic scars, cellulite and hyperpigmentation. Your skin will become rejuvenated, smooth, even-toned, vibrant and youthful-looking.

If you have never used a derma roller before but you want to, it is strongly recommended that you should start with the Dr. Roller. Otherwise, you are not really giving your skin a fair chance and you might end up a little disappointed from using cheap fake Dr. Rollers. Check out another article: How to Spot a Fake Dr. Roller.

They say that quality comes with a price, but in this case, this price is not even that high. You can easily find an authentic Dr. Roller for less than $60.

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