Can You Identify if a Cologne Is for Men by Its Scent?

Men’s cologne is often one of the first things that will draw us in to them. Often rich and inviting, the marketing campaigns and packaging are often designed to attract men. However, is it possible to identify if a fragrance is for men based solely on the scent? Let’s take a look.

A Different Composition

Unsurprisingly, men’s fragrances are structured differently from women’s ones. Some of the ingredients chosen by women tend to suit the top notes of a fragrance like certain citruses and floral scents. The ingredients favoured by men tend to be preferred as base notes. This means that the very composition and structure of the perfume needs to be altered.

Since the strongest scent needs to be at the heart of the fragrance, a lot of careful measuring needs to be done to make sure that the final scent does not have too many notes.

New Ingredients

One of the key differences between male and female fragrances is the ingredients used. Male scents tend to lean towards the muskier and woodier scents. It is not unusual to see sandalwood, patchouli, oud, and amber amongst the ingredient lists.

When it comes to the lighter notes, you can often find vanilla, tea, basil, and florals like lavender or violets among the ones chosen. Any combination of these scents is bound to produce a more masculine scent which will thrill anyone who smells it. Browse Maple Prime’s cologne for men to see if you can find a fragrance with the ingredients you like.

Something Unisex

If you find men’s fragrances a little too strong, you might have some luck browsing unisex scents. These are great options which have some amazing ingredients which you might not find in a typical male scent.

Whether you are a woman looking for something more masculine or a man looking for something more feminine, it might be the perfect middle ground for you. Have a look around to see what you can find and don’t be afraid to be a little inventive.

Will It Suit You?

So long as you are thinking about how it will rest on your skin, you can try any cologne you would like. Different colognes project different feelings. For example, it is often thought that men with woodier colognes are charismatic.

Think about how you wish to be seen by others and try to find a scent within that which will suit you. Remember to thoroughly test how long it lasts on your skin and how well it mixes with your own natural scent. When it comes to fragrance, there is little worse than an over-powering cologne covering a poor body odour.

The perfect cologne for you is waiting to be found. Take your time to explore what you like and make sure the choice you make is perfect for you. Men’s fragrance is very different from women’s and you should ensure that you are picking the right one for you. Spend some time getting to know the differences between the scents and, before you know it, you will have your signature scent.