5 ways to take care of Kanchipuram Silk sarees

Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of the best and most embellished sarees that you can buy. Whether you’re invited to the wedding of a loved one or you’re the one who is getting married, Kanchipuram silk sarees are the ultimate choice among women. While these sarees are indeed the best because they can make you stand out from the crowd, they also require extra effort for maintenance.

You might have noticed how your mom’s Kanchipuram silk sarees have become dull and faded. It’s only because proper care was not taken to maintain the drape between its uses.

Kanchipuram silk sarees cannot be worn on a regular basis. You will want to wear this heavy number only on special occasions such as weddings, parties or festivals. It is between these events that you need to look after these sarees to ensure the embroidery on them doesn’t get spoiled. So, let’s see how you can look after your Kanchipuram silk saree in different ways.

The easiest way is to fold your saree inwards, so the zari work stays intact.

  1. Store it properly: To ensure the longevity of your Kanchipuram silk saree, store it away from other sarees. You can wrap your Kanchipuram silk saree in a muslin or a cotton cloth and keep it separately. Do not use a plastic cover in any case. If you don’t have a muslin cloth, use a cotton cloth, but muslin cloth is always preferred.
  2. Neem leaves: To keep your Kanchipuram silk sarees always fresh and brand new, you can do so with a few neem leaves. Yes, neem leaves will protect your saree from moths, so you can scatter them around the saree while storing it in a cupboard. To prevent fungus, you can use silica gel but don’t use naphthalene balls or spray any air freshener because it will make the zari work fade away.
  3. Air your saree: To ensure your Kanchipuram silk saree doesn’t tear from the creases of the folds, unfold and change the fold of your saree every few months. Before you change the folding, air the saree to ensure its longevity.
  4. Store them in a dark, dry place: Often women complain about their silk sarees losing their colour. If you want to avoid this, you should store your Kanchipuram silk saree in a dark and dry place. If your wardrobe has a light, you can store your Kanchipuram silk saree, wrapped in a muslin cloth, in a separate closet.
  5. Avoid wringing it: After you’ve washed your Kanchipuram silk saree, avoid wringing it to remove the excess water. Wringing your silk saree will only add more wrinkles to it. Remove the excess water by rolling your saree in a dry towel and then hang it on a padded hanger for further air drying.

With these simple tips and tricks to maintain Kanchipuram silk sarees, you can ensure your drapes will stay fresh and new.