3 Benefits of Natural Lash Extensions

If you’re looking for a new and easy way to give your daily makeup routine a bit of a boost, it’s a great idea to try natural lash extensions. While you might think that getting lash extensions means spending hours at the salon and paying a hefty fee every few weeks when you want to get them refilled, you can actually apply natural lash extensions at home with an easy to use kit. If you’re still on the fence about natural lash extensions, read on to find out all the benefits that this cosmetic hot commodity has to offer. 

Natural Lash Extensions vs. Salon Lash Extensions

When you hear the phrase “eyelash extensions” your mind most likely goes to the image of a beauty salon. While you can get your eyelash extensions done at a salon, there are a few downsides to the process. For instance, you have to go out of your way to make time in your schedule for a salon appointment. You’ll then have to make follow up appointments every few weeks for refills to ensure that your lashes stay looking fresh. 

In order to avoid the hassle of salon lash extensions, it’s best to get a natural lash extension kit, so you can apply your own lashes in the comfort of your home. A natural lash extension kit will come with all the essentials that you’ll need to apply your lashes including: 

  • An Eyelash Cleanser: A spray or liquid that you can use to cleanse your eyelashes of any makeup or dirt buildup before you get ready to apply natural lash extensions. 
  • A Liquid Adhesive: There are a number of different types of adhesives that can be used for natural lash extensions. Apply your adhesive to your lashes, close to the lash line, and make sure it’s tacky so you can easily stick your natural lash extensions to the area you want to apply them to. 
  • An Eyelash Applicator: A tweezer-like tool that you can use to steadily apply your natural lash extensions to your eyelid. While you could try to apply your lashes with your hands, it’s always helpful to have the balanced guide of an applicator. 
  • Natural Lash Extensions: Obviously, these are the most important part of the whole kit! Natural lash extensions will come in small sections that you’ll layer together over your natural eyelashes to increase volume. Natural lash extensions are different from false lash strips, and help to provide a more organic look. 
  • A Sealant: Sealants help to ensure that your lashes stay on for as long as possible and can stand up to any wind or water that you come into contact with. You apply sealant similarly to mascara: put a light coat on your lashes after your natural lash extensions are applied. Just be sure to avoid applying any sealant to your eyelids. 
  • A Remover: When you want to remove your lashes, you’ll need the help of a liquid remover. Simply apply the remover liquid to a cotton pad, hold it against your eyelashes for a few seconds, and it should dissolve the adhesive keeping the lashes in tact. 

The Top Benefits of Natural Lash Extensions

There are a number of reasons why using natural lash extensions can be beneficial to you, including: 

1. They Add Amazing Volume to Your Existing Eyelashes

Natural lash extensions add volume to your natural lashes to give your eyelashes a fuller look overall. As such, your eyelashes will stand out more, and people are bound to comment on how stunning they look. 

2. Makes Morning Makeup a Breeze

Given the volume that they add to your existing lashes, natural lash extensions don’t require the use of mascara. This means you can skip a step in your typical morning makeup routine and use those extra minutes for other makeup, like applying a cute eyeshadow that you don’t usually get to use. Of course, you can use mascara with your natural lash extensions if you want to. Just be sure to avoid using a waterproof mascara, as it can be hard to get off without damaging your natural lash extensions. 

3. They Last as Long as You Want Them To

With salon lash extensions, you’re probably going to get to a point where some of your lashes have fallen out and aren’t as filled as you want them to be. However, with a natural lash extension kit, you can apply or remove your lashes as you see fit. Most people wear the same pair of natural lash extensions for about a week before removing them and reapplying a new set. 

In Conclusion

Natural lash extensions are a great way to spice up your everyday makeup look. They’re easy to apply, and add a gorgeous amount of volume to your existing lashes. Plus, you can decide how long you want to keep them on, and remove and reapply them from the comfort of your own home. If you want to get the most out of your lashes, look into a natural lash extension kit today.