20 Must-have Bikers Equipment

Cycling has been growing with an alarming increase over the years. As many people are seeing the peck in car-free living or fight against climate change. Even to some extent to save cost on gas and save the planet.

Well, the number can go on and on.

Whether you are a casual rider, a daily commuter, pro-cyclists, or you just get introduced to the world of biking, having the necessary bikers equipment is a must for you and could make a huge difference.

Below are 20 must-have bikers equipment that will ensure all-time comfy and great biking.

Any seasoned or biking enthusiast who knows his onions will attest that there is more to biking than just having a nice bike. By the way, see this store for the best motorcycle jacket with gun pocket.

Let’s get real…

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Road Helmet

Except we are being too dramatic, the helmet is the most necessary equipment a biker must-have. It helps in protecting the very important part of our body and could be the difference between surviving a crash or not.

The helmet must be suitably fitting, have room for ventilation, style, and sleekness. And should be easily adjustable for comfort during long rides.



Commuter Helmet

Though this doesn’t have room for much ventilation, it is also comfortable. It has a mount for rear light (optional) for those who like biking at night or early in the morning.

Biking Shoe

This is not saying you can’t use your normal shoe for biking, but then it’s very advisable to invest in one. This has an added advantage over normal shoes such as cleats attachment for aggressive pedaling, fastening mechanism, and ventilation (for feet freshness and breathability).

Biking Clothes

Road cycling clothing is duly made to cater to riders’ need for aerodynamics and prevents chaffing.

Having the right choice of clothing will ensure you are better prepared for any weather conditions while biking. Most especially in extreme hot and cool weather.


motorcycle sunglasses-jpeg


Cycling glasses are all lightweight coupled with a mix of lenses and provide for a large field of vision in order not to obstruct your view.

While checking out sunglasses, it is advisable to pick those that allow a considerable amount of airflow to keep the eyes cool and prevent the lens from fogging.

Also, make sure it has 100% protection against UV rays.


Riding with a bike is very essential whether you predominantly ride during the night or not. Most cycling accidents are due to a lack of lights.

Whether the choice of the light is to be seen or to see with, it can’t do away with. Riding in the night or a dark tunnel, the lights will allow seeing through the darkness while also ensuring you are been seen (even during the day).

Bottle Cages

Many may not see the importance of this, but riding well into 30 minutes or one hour will surely make you dehydrated. While having one bottle cage is essential, having two can be comforting to have for a much longer ride or to hold spares in the canister.

Bike Water Bottle

You must avoid dehydration while biking and to avoid this, there must be an adequate water supply. Which better way to carry a healthy water supply than a leak-proof water bottle, specifically made for bikers.


Bells are as important as helmets. They are small and can be easily mounted on any part of bars (must be easily accessible to you). They are more appropriate in letting people know you are coming than yelling.

Saddlebag or Storage

Having storage space on your bike may not be as exciting as having other accessories but they are essential in time of need. They can be used to house any spares you might want to have around you.

Bike Pump

Well, if you like too much trouble, don’t have this handy on your bike. Imagine having to trot your bike now and then due to deflated tire. Just think about the stress. What if you are stranded in a remote place. Your guess is as good as mine, so bad.

To avoid this, get a home floor pump that can easily fit into your saddle bag or storage.

Repair Kit

A flat tire or punctured tire could easily ruin your happy ride. To guide against such occurrence, little thing such as a repair kit is a must-have. This will include a spare tube, CO2 cartridge, inflator e.t.c

Bike Lock

To get the real importance of this, get on YouTube and search for ‘bike theft’, you will see how easy it is to have your bike stolen. You can avoid this by investing in a bike lock that can always be used to secure your bike when not in use.

Phone Mount

It is quite dangerous to be handling your phone while biking, not to you alone but even to your phone. There are many phone mount out there that can be. easily affixed to your handlebars to ensure your need of tracking or following a GPS route hands-free.

Others are

  • Cycling computer
  • Gloves
  • Maps
  • First aid kits
  • Chain lube (to keep the chain clean and lubricated). And lastly;
  • Tire levers