Winter Floor Care & Ice Melt Residue Removal Tips For Office

The best way to plan for winter is before the icy weather comes in full force. Apart from the cold weather and snow that it brings, winter comes with a lot of damage. One of the most pronounced damages that winter causes are floor damages. When this floor damage comes to the office, it can deter the overall look of the office. So it’s best if you have a plan to take care of winter. And below are some strategies you can try out. Otherwise, you can hire this top Naperville Office Cleaning Services company right now.

1. Seal The Hard floors

When winter begins to affect the floors, it does so with little or no announcement. So the best thing to do is to prepare your floor for winter beforehand. The best way to do this is through the type of floor finishing that you put on the floor. The floor finish you use in your office is the first layer everyone sees. Likewise, it’s the most affected layer when the winter comes with snow, salt amidst others. So your floor finish should have features to help protect the floor of your office. Also, before the winter comes, you can consider resealing your floor. If revealing your floor is impossible, you can try scrubbing and declaring your floor before winter comes. When you do either resealing or recoating, you can rest assured that winter won’t necessarily affect your floors badly.

2. Use Floor Mats Effectively

Floor mats are an excellent addition to your flooring system. If you don’t see the need for a floor mat at the entry point of your office, winter is a good reason to think in that direction. When the winter season comes, the snow and other dirt will come into your office through yourself, employees, and guests. Different types of debris and dirt stick to our shoes when we walk outside in winter. If you take these shoes into any office, you’ll deposit dirt on the floor unintentionally. However, if floor mats are in place at the office’s entry, more than 50% of the earth will be on the floor mat. You can have two mats in an office to properly deal with winter conditions. One outside before the guest comes in, and one inside.

3. Neutralize the Floor

If you already have residues of ice melt or salt on your floor, you need to remove them as soon as possible. The best way to protect yourself against such is by using a floor neutralizer. A good floor neutralizer will clean your floor and remove all ice melt simultaneously. All you need to do is take off the mat at the entry point, clear all the debris that you can see, then apply the neutralizer. You can use the floor neutralizer in two methods; manually with a mop or an auto scrubber. However, you have to be sure of the neutralizer you’re choosing before you apply.

4. Use excellent products and clean Regularly

If you want to protect your office floor against winter, the best prevention is to use good products. From the floor choice itself to the type of cleaning products you choose, you have to select the best products at all times. More so, you must train yourself to clean as regularly as possible. That way, you’ll sweep all the snow and dirt before they take effect.