Why Women are Choosing to Invest in Property

With more women than ever taking the plunge and investing in property, research is showing that the number of women in property is soaring. It’s a common misconception that women are less likely to invest in property when compared to men. Regardless of gender, it’s essential to think about the future of your finances and how investing in a property today can impact the rest of your life.

The rise in female investors comes hand in hand with the #girlboss generation since women are more entrepreneurial and becoming their own boss. Less certainty around savings accounts and pensions means that people need to put their money into a secure and stable long-term investment, rather than sticking to the more traditional route.

Are you interested in finding out more around why women are choosing to invest in property? Perhaps you’re a woman looking to invest her money into the newest opportunity, but need convincing? Stay tuned and read on!

It’s a lucrative and profitable industry

Property investment is one of the most lucrative sectors that you can put your money into. While historically UK property prices have fluctuated throughout the years, it always levels itself out. Ultimately this means that property is a stable and secure sector to put your money and savings into. As a woman, you may have children and a family to provide and care for. If so, and you want your investment to fund exciting activities, you will need to reap all the financial rewards. Seek an investment company that will give you advice and ensure you’re only putting money into an investment that will give you high rental yields and capital growth. Savvy investors who find an ideal location with impressive yields will soon gain a return on their investment. Top UK locations include Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds.

Women want to be independent

Men have long dominated the business world, but this notion is changing. Women are becoming independent and building their own empires, which is then empowering others. Rather than leaving men to invest in property and securing their financial future, women are now taking control of their own lives and investing for themselves. Research from RWinvest found that the number of women searching for property opportunities online has increased by 172%. The interest shown by women displays how much they want to get involved with the investment world and reap the rewards that historically, only men have been able to enjoy.

The property market is booming

The UK property market is at a high after the exit of Britain from the EU in January. The ‘Boris’ Boom has meant that property prices are on the up and the future looks bright for investors who want to make the best returns from their property. Women are choosing to invest since they can see how well the property market is dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit and other happenings in politics. The property market is stable and secure, meaning it’s an ideal investment for those who want to make returns with limited risk. As an example, remember that rental yields are growing in areas of regeneration with some yields boasting 10% in Northern cities. It’s great to see women getting involved in a market that can provide financial freedom and fantastic returns! It’s only a matter of time before women have entirely taken over the property investment industry.