Why Norse & Viking Symbols Are Still Popular in Modern Culture Today

Nordic and Viking civilizations have been misunderstood for a very long time. It was once believed that these civilizations were barbaric and violent. Even though this part is true, there is much about them that we don’t know.

One of the most magical aspects of the civilization is their belief in Valhalla. Valhalla is ruled by Odin, a Nordic God, and is located in Asgard. This place is a big hall that hosts all those who have died in combat. Another reason why modern people are intrigued by the ancient culture, is that they were militarily, culturally, and technologically advanced beyond their years.

Since many popular culture television shows, movies, and computer games have taken on the stories of the Nordic people, many modern folks have become even more intrigued. As a result, modern fashion has adapted a liking and implementing of Norse dress style and symbolism. As well as retelling the stories of their kings, gods, and warriors.

For what other reasons are we so enthralled by the nordic and viking symbol meanings and fashion today? Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

A Colorful Belief System

With the world become more spiritually aware, modern citizens are finding meaning in stories from long ago. One of the many reasons why modern-day people are attracted to the Vikings belief systems and symbols is because they were flawed.

Many other religions, like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, follow a very strict and moral belief system that allows for almost no mistakes or flaws. But in Nordic mythology all gods were flawed. Just like moral human beings, they were at fault and imperfect.

Modern society has become more aware of what right and wrong are. And when doing wrong, they can accept the fact that they are flawed. People are becoming more aware of their own flaws, and celebrities aren’t trying to portray a perfect façade anymore.

An ‘it’s okay, not to be okay”-kind of lifestyle is taking over. When looking at Viking history, it gives us something to relate to. A civilization that was flawed. They had their mistakes, but they had many wonderful things about them as well.

A Glimpse into History

Nordic mythology is rich in romance, drama, war, and reconciliation. Instead of it being a myth, for some reason we can believe its truth because it was a civilization that walked on earth. The artifacts found in Northern Europe is proof of their existence.

Therefore, reading poetic Edda and prose by Edda gives us a glimpse into something that once was. A connection in a spiritual way with ancestors that once were. With modern society, moving forward so quickly, reading about history gives us a time to stand still.

There is a kind of kinship within the mythological stories because it speaks about battles between giants and gods, and war between good and evil. Even though it happened so many years ago, we can still relate to it since we share the same kind of battles. Watch this video to learn more about the Nordic’s ancient history.

It Carries Meaning

Many people have adopted Viking symbols not only printed on clothing and remade into jewelry, but also tattooed on their bodies. This is because the symbols that came from that time carry a lot of meaning.

Even though historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists have made educated guesses about what these symbols mean. The true meanings of each symbol still leave a lot of room for interpretation by the person wearing it.

There was a great fusion of cultures between Vikings, Nordics, and other European countries. Therefore, some symbols are a combination of cultures that they’ve moved into. Regardless, all symbols still carry rich meaning and history that modern day culture is relating to.

Here is a list of some of the most popularly adopted symbols in modern culture:

  • Runes: This is the Norse alphabet consisting of letters. Each letter has a special meaning and phonetic sound. It’s called ‘runes’ because it’s derived from the word ‘secret’
  • Helm of Awe: This is a symbol that means victory and protection. It’s a popular circular and symmetrical symbol that is derived from Icelandic origin and has been believed to be used by both dragons and warriors for protection
  • Vegvisir: Is another Icelandic magical board that shares the shape of the Helm of Awe. It means ‘that which shows the way’ and is a kind of Viking compass
  • Triquetra: In simpler description, the Triquetra is a Celtic knot of lines interweaving in and around itself. Also known as the Trinity knot, this symbol is repeated on crosses, rings, and even tombstones since it means an eternal spiritual life
  • Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life is a popular symbol that can also be seen in the popular Lord of the Rings movie series. It sprouts from the Well of Destiny and symbolizes the place of gathering between the nine cosmic worlds

Other popular symbols are the hammer, web of Wyrd, Longship, Viking axe, and wolf.

It’s Stylish

Norse and Viking folks were travelers. It has been reported by historians that Vikings traveled throughout different European villages. Once they were in a village, they would either steal or buy different types of clothing and jewelry. Once they reached home, they would combine the different jewelry pieces to create their own unique items.

Jewelry brooches, overcoats, belts, vets, and hair accessories were usually uniquely handcrafted to either show status or add flamboyance. With modern society looking for unique and customizable pieces, these flamboyant and unique designs add an extra bold touch to our current fashion styles.

If you want to be part of the Nordic fashion style trend, then check out these relevant and modern dress styles: https://za.pinterest.com/herfinland/nordic-fashion-women-style/.

norse woman clothing

Having a glimpse of the past while looking stylish is something that modern society loves. The combination of spiritual meaning, uniqueness, and culture is what makes Norse and Viking symbols so popular in our current society.