What Men Should Know About Removing Ear Hair

As men get older, they tend to lose hair on the head and get it in other areas of their bodies, like the inside of their ears. It’s more common to get it when you’re older, but even if you’re in your 20s or 30s, don’t be surprised to see some. You might feel embarrassed, but luckily, there are options for removing it, both at home and through professional treatments.

Semi-Permanent Solutions

If you can afford it, getting professional treatments can save you from the frustration of constant home treatments. Electrolysis works by using electricity to directly target the follicle and prevent hair from growing back. The process uses a tool known as an epilator. It is inserted into each follicle and delivers an electrical current, causing it to be inactive. It can be hard to reach every follicle in the ear, and your growth pattern will determine your results.

Another option is laser treatments. At Colorado’s top laser clinic for laser services, ear hair removal makes future treatments a breeze. Some might grow back, but it’s usually thinner and lighter. The treatment involves using pulsed laser light to damage the follicle to try to prevent it from producing another hair. The light is attracted to the follicle below the skin’s outer layers and the energy of the light transforms to heat. Newer lasers have smaller spot sizes, which makes it easy to reach areas inside your ear.

At-Home Methods

It’s private and convenient to take care of your hair at home. Many men choose to tweeze, which is good if you have just a few noticeable ones. This method is affordable, and even though it can sting, the pain doesn’t last for long. Make sure that you sterilize tweezers with alcohol before using them. They have likely been used to remove facial hair, splinters, and other things before, and it is always a good idea to clean something that will touch a sensitive area like your ear. Make sure that you gently grasp the tip of each hair instead of placing the tweezers inside your ear. They could rupture the eardrum and damage your hearing permanently. If tweezing doesn’t appeal to you, you can also get a set of home ear trimmer, which are painless and quick to use. It doesn’t cost much to get a good pair of trimmers, and you can choose from manual and electric ones. Each one is safe and simple as long as you do not press too hard.


Some men choose to go the route of waxing, which involves using softened strips of wax to remove the hair. Once the strips harden, they can be torn off, removing each hair by its root. It can be dangerous and messy to do it yourself since you have to prevent the wax from dripping into your ear canal and damaging it. While professionals can’t make it hurt less, they can ensure that it’s safe. After getting treatment, you can manage it with tweezing or trimming at home.