What Are The Causes Of BV Discharge

What Do We Mean When We Say BV Discharge.

Most people don’t know what BV discharge is, Bacterial Vaginosis most commonly known as BV is a vaginal infection that causes a lot of weird-smelling discharge to be secreted from the openings in your vagina. One misconception about BV Is that it is a sexually transmitted disease however, that is not the case it is true that if you have BV the chances of you getting a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia increase but it should not be confused with a sexually transmitted disease.


BV Discharge Explained

Our body and all the organs in our body works in mysterious ways. Similarly, our vagina has its way of taking care of itself and making sure it functions properly. What happens is that our vagina comprises of both, good and bad bacteria. Each bacteria is there for its specific reason and is doing its work on its own. Although both the bacteria are co-existing the number of good bacteria known as lactobacilli is more than the number of bad bacteria known as anaerobes. This condition BV occurs if the case is opposite which means the number of bad bacteria in our vagina increases and becomes more than the number of good bacteria.

Common Causes Of BV Discharge

There are quite a few reasons why women suffer from BV discharge some of them are explained below in great length to help you understand what leads to BV discharge and how you can protect yourself.

1) Too many sexual Partners: doctors have concluded that people who tend to have a lot of different sexual partners and have sexual intercourse with several people have a higher risk of getting this infection. Apart from that, they have also found out that when women change their sexual partners they end up getting this infection. It is also to note that women who have sex with other women are at more risk of getting and transmitting this infection to their partners.

2) Taking extreme care of your vagina: It is very important to clean your vagina and keep it germ-free but sometimes when you excessively wash your vagina and rinse it very hard with any cleaning agent the natural balance of the PH level in your vagina gets disturbed, this leads to change in the balance of bacteria in your vagina, the number of bad bacteria or anaerobes increases which lead to bacterial vaginosis.

3) Vagina isn’t doing its work: It was explained earlier that your vagina has a number of good and bad bacteria. If for any reason your vagina is not producing the right number of good bacteria called lactobacilli this will lead to women developing Bacterial Vaginosis.

Curing Bacterial Vaginosis

Some of the treatments of bacterial vaginosis are very simple first and foremost you need to try to reduce the number of sexual partners you have, it is always better to have one sexual partner because having a number of different sexual partners also increases your risk of getting other sexually transmitted diseases.
Secondly, you need to make sure you are taking care of your vagina but you are not doing anything more than necessary. Keeping it clean is important but being fanatic about cleanliness can be harmful as well.

Lastly, if the number of good bacteria being produced by your vagina is less than the required amount of bacteria that needs to be produced, you need to visit a doctor and get to the bottom of it. Find out the reason for this under production and cure it.