Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick Review

Although it doesn’t have a name that is as well known as the Maybelline or Cover Girl cosmetics that are likely irritating your skin, Vapour Organic Beauty is a pretty global name for those who are in the know and need to know about quality cosmetics. Taking a natural approach to ingredients and still having a dedicated focus to superior color. It seems like lipstick is the obvious choice for them to show that off.

The Siren Lipstick by Vapour Organic Beauty turns out to be an excellent venue to show off the company’s beliefs. However, I always get a little pissed off when I have to hunt down ingredients, and this was the case here. However, it seems that is more of a seller’s error considering they were pretty easy to find with a simple Google search.

So do they live up to the “organic” label? Yup! They sure do, but not without their unique issues for women with sensitive lips. The Siren lipstick line uses a number of natural ingredients to create the wide range of shades that it boasts. These include things like plum, apricot, pomegranate, jojoba, castor, and tomato oil and extracts as well beeswax and vitamin E extracted from soy. If your irritation isn’t caused from natural allergies, then it is an awesome product.

However, there are two major hang-ups in this product. The first is that all shades contain mica for that lovely shimmer. It seems there is no primer here to protect women who are sensitive to this finely ground mineral. The second is that some shades “may contain” carmine, a major irritant for sensitive lips. Unfortunately, since it doesn’t say what shades, you can only assume is all the red ones which cuts your 38 color options down to… About 6. To be fair, they aren’t marketed as a lipstick for sensitive lips, merely as one that is organic and chemical-free, and the little beetles ground up to make carmine are technically natural. However, it is a major deal-breaker for many.

It is a shame that there is such a risk for those with sensitive lips with the presence of carmine because the Siren lipstick line is often hailed as the “healthiest” lipstick on the market, and that is true considering the superior quality of the ingredients. The lipstick itself covers all the buzzwords (cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, ect) and as a cosmetics, its goes on smooth and provides the rich color that this brand seems to be known for across the rest of the world.

It is a damn shame that most of their colors are potentially cut off to women with sensitive lips by the inclusion of one natural, but highly irritating ingredient. If it was just mica or natural ingredients that would just be a deal-breaker to a select few. However, if carmine or natural ingredients aren’t your triggers, I couldn’t recommend this lipstick brand more. It is truly a great product, but not a great product for sensitive lips.