Top Places To Visit In Dearborn

Asides its status as the largest city in the state of Michigan, Dearborn is best known as the hometown of Henry Ford— The successful American industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford boosted Dearborn’s economic growth by constructing the Ford Rouge Plant there in 1917.

If you are planning a trip to Michigan, Dearborn is the place to be. You will encounter interesting things and will be awestruck by the amazing sights the city beholds.

In this article you will find the list of the top attractions to visit in Dearborn to create memorable experiences for you and your family.

  1. Henry Ford: Like I earlier stated, Ford boosted the growth of Dearborn by constructing the Ford Rouge Plant there in 1917 and if you’re a lover of autos or an admirer of the legendary Henry Ford. The Henry Ford, an indoor and outdoor centre with five different attractions is a place you will enjoy exploring. You will find these attractions at the centre: the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Greenfield Village, The Ford Rouge Factory Tour, The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience and the Benson Ford Research Center.
  2. Ford’s garage: ready to wine and dine? You’ll be glad to visit the Ford’s garage. Designed so you can experience the vibe of a 1921 service station. The place features antique cars amongst other antique items and guarantees a unique dining experience with her menu items.

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  1. Automotive Hall of Fame: The Automotive Hall of Fame is a museum where the impressive contributions of men and women in the automotive industry are displayed for all to see. It was founded in 1939. The items displayed in the galleries of the hall are sometimes changed while some are permanent there. You will find the spectacular painting and a display about Karl Benz, the inventor of the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine as well as the Lincoln Highway in the Hall of Fame.
  2. Fairlane Town Center: opened on march 1976, Fairlane is the place to have all your shopping done, meet new people or take a walk.
  3. Dearborn Historical Museum: this historical museum is fondly referred as the gateway to Dearborn past. It is one of the most significant locations in Dearborn, it is also the oldest building in Dearborn still located on its original site.

Dearborn Historical Museum,  also includes the 1831 Richard Gardner House and the McFadden-Ross House to showcase the local history and genealogy archives, and the oldest home in Dearborn respectively. It is totally free to explore this museum but donations aren’t frowned upon.

  1. Arab American National Museum: This museum is the first museum devoted to Arab American history and culture. It was founded in 2005. The museum features the contribution of Arabs to civilization and showcases the experiences of Arabs in America amongst many other collections.