Top Beauty Products Online From Noon & Bath and Body Works

Inspiring confidence

Nothing makes you stand-out from the crowd quite like confidence. The ability to be confident in one’s self- both ability and appearance, is considered to be the killer trait in today’s world of cut-throat competition. Helping you rise from the mundane to the extraordinary, a good appearance and self confidence are must-haves in today’s times. With the focus increasingly shifting on grooming and presentability, the fashion and grooming industry has exploded recently, with brands and offerings helping people ace their confidence game and accentuate their reputation among their professional and personal circles.

And while fashion gets the lion share of attention in the news, equally important is the beauty and grooming industry, which adds that extra sparkle of glitter to your personality and, helping you blaze your trail and break new ground. Categories like fragrances, bathing and body-care are now multi-billion-dollar industries, with brands making a bee-line to offer their most premium products to an ever-growing demand for them.

We now look at how two premier platforms in the UAE: Noon and Bath and Body Works are bringing the best beauty and grooming products to people.

Slay all the way with Noon

Started in the UAE as an e-commerce platform that would provide all offerings to online shoppers in the region, Noon is now the most famous e-retailer in the region. Providing products from a host of categories like fashion, beauty and house supplies, it is your one true portal for shopping online. With incentives like Noon Promo Codes, your purchases are made value-for-money.

A popular and in-demand category on Noon is “beauty and grooming”. Thanks to the internet, trends in beauty and grooming are now live all over the world in a trice. To help cater to this demand for beauty products, Noon offers only the best and most desirable beauty and grooming products. Be it fragrances for social events, that make-up for a dazzling party appearance or that soothing shower gel to help unwind at the end of a tiring day, Noon is your one-stop-solution for all your grooming needs. Featuring the best of brands like Lakme, L’Oreal Paris, Orriflame, Gucci, Armani, Versace and many more, Noon is a haven for all beauty and grooming fiestas. Shop for your favourite products from the biggest brands, redeem Noon promo codes for savings and get your items delivered to your doorstep.

Making bath and body works of art

A true specialist in providing beauty and grooming products, Bath and body works is the UAE’s premier beauty and grooming e-retailer. With a pedigree of over 20 years of providing the most premium fragrances and bathing supplies, Bath and body works is the go-to platform for all your grooming needs. Renowned for its range of premium fragrances that are made only with the choicest of ingredients, Bath and Body Works is a complete provider of grooming products. With products that are unique and carefully crafted, your body care routine is elevated to a whole new level. Apart from fragrances, hand soaps, shower gels, scented candles and a wide variety of products are offered on the platform. Always guaranteeing a premium experience, their products will leave your refreshed and memorised with those soothing fragrances.

With their own range of products covering all aspects of your skin care routine, it is the platform of choice for shoppers in the region. What’s more, buyers can redeem Bath and body works promo codes on their purchase to make that expensive purchase less pinching. With beauty now delivered to your home, getting beauty-savvy has never been easier!