Top 5 Tools That Will Help You Create Better Content for Marketing

Creating high-quality content is a top priority for every marketer.

Writing excellent quality content in business plays a great role in content marketing.

It helps a lot in building trust with the audience and also in generating more leads.

In this article, we’ll discuss some excellent online tools that will help you to create better quality content for marketing.

Before getting into the discussion, you need to know content marketing and its benefits. So, here we go:

What is Content Marketing and its benefits?

Content marketing is a strategy to build high-quality and relevant content to grab the target audience.

Here, you provide useful content to the customers to help them in solving their issues. It is widely used by several leading brands.

Most of the prominent organizations like Microsoft and Cisco systems also used content marketing to build a strong connection with the audience.

Also, the content that you write has to be consistent because this plays a great role in establishing your credibility and building your trust with the audience.

Benefits of writing High-Quality Content in Marketing

Here are some main benefits of creating useful and quality content in marketing:

1. Increases the Audience Retention

Quality content can make a good experience for potential customers.

It is the key factor to grab the audience’s attention and building a positive impression of the brand or service.

2. Establish Trust with the Audience

Unique and effective content helps your business to make a strong and trustworthy connection with your audience.

Try to answer their questions with the best solution to interact with them in an effective way.

3. Helps to generate more Leads

When your audience views your product or service with quality content, they’re more likely to be interested in buying services from you in the future.

This will helps to generate more leads to get more sales.

4. Build Authority

It also helps to build the authority of your brand or services online.

If your online business is established as an authentic place to get any information, then it will help a lot to get higher ranks in search engines.

5. Best Social Media Traction

If your business doesn’t see much traction o social media platforms while having a strong follower base, don’t worry.

It is the perfect time to use a content marketing strategy to give a boost to your business.

Simply write useful and excellent quality content for your brand to gain traction from multiple social platforms.

Further in this article, we’re going to discuss the top online tool that can help you to create new and effective content for your business.

Top 5 Tools that will help you create Quality Content

Following tools comes with some excellent features to create best quality content.

1. Grammarly

It is one of the best online writing tools that help students, marketers, webmasters, and SEO experts to write effective and useful content.

Anyone can use this online tool to write content for marketing purposes.

The tool scans the entire document and detects grammar and other punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly also provides real-time suggestions on how to correct these mistakes in the content to make it impressive.

Key Features:

  • Grammarly Editor: It provides suggestions related to the mistakes and other errors in the content.

This editor ensures that your content is clear, mistake-free, and user engaging.

  • Chrome Extension: The tool also provides a Google Chrome extension to quickly check errors and mistakes in the document.

  • Mobile Synonyms: The tool’s keyboard now suggests quick synonyms for words while typing text on your phone.

While typing, simply take a pause after writing. You can see all possible synonyms for the words that you’ve just typed recently.

2. UberSuggest

To write effective content for your marketing, you may need a keyword to start writing.

You can use this online tool to get unique and trending keyword ideas related to your business or brand.

It is completely free of cost and it provides the best service that shows how the keywords of choice in being explored on the internet.

The user interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use.

Simply write a keyword into the input box and press “Search” to get new keyword ideas as shown:

Key Features:

  • Keyword Ideas: The tool is widely famous for its keyword ideas feature.

It helps to find different keyword ideas like prepositions, questions, and related.

  • Keyword Overview: The tool provides you an excellent feature to see the complete overview of the target keyword.

It shows provides you with all the basic information that you need including the keyword’s search volume, SEO difficulty, and CPC.

  • Content Ideas: It also provides you a list of different content topics that helps to grab more traffic, backlinks, and other social media shares.

  • Domain Overview: Ubersuggest provides an excellent feature to deep analyze the overview of the competitor’s domain.

3. Article Rewriter
Article Rewriter

If you’re facing any plagiarism issues while writing content for your marketing campaign, use an article rewriter.

This rewriter scans the entire document and makes some necessary changes to create new and plagiarism-free content.

The rewriter replaces specific words with their suitable synonyms to generate high-quality content.

The article rewriter in simple English helps to rewrite essays, articles, blog posts, and assignments.

Simply paste the content into the input of the rewriter and press “Rewrite Article” to create unique content.

Key Features:

  • Files Uploading: The online rewriter allows you to upload files from the system in different formats.

It also provides an excellent feature to upload files directly from Google drive.

  • Unlimited Rewriting: There is no limitation to use this excellent rewriter.

You can use this free article rewriter for unlimited time to spin multiple documents.

  • Chrome Extension: The rewriter also provides a Google Chrome extension for quick access.

  • Completely Free: The sentence rewriter is totally free and provides 100% plagiarism-free content.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot’s blog idea generator is widely famous to provide interesting and potential blog ideas for several marketing campaigns.

The tool provides catchy and attractive blog and title ideas to engage users for the maximum time.

Simply paste the word into the input box and click Add” to generate new ideas.

Key Features:

  • Use Documents: This online tool also provides an excellent feature to build a library of up-to-date soles content.

  • Email Templates: Here, the email templates are premade and there is no need to type the content every single time.

  • Content Ideas: The blog idea generator feature of this online tool helps to attract an audience by providing the best titles and headline ideas.

  • Create & Share Meeting Links: In the meeting tool, you can share the meeting links with contact.

This will help to book time and also, all the meeting links were synchronized with the calendar as well.

5. Expresso

This online tool is the perfect option to improve your writing style.

The tool provides the best techniques to improve the quality of the content.

Expresso analyzes the entire document and finds the weaknesses and errors in the content.

The tool is used to create new user-engaging content for student’s assignments, marketing campaigns content, and other blog posts.

Simply enter the text into the input box and press “Enter Text to Analyze” to proceed.

Key Features:

  • Synonyms & Weak Verbs: It shows the percentage of metric of all synonyms and weak verbs used in the content.

  • Rare Words: The tool also tells the percentage of the rare words of the analyzed text.

  • General Metric: The utility tells all the general metrics including character, words, and sentences.

  • Clean Text Formatting: This feature of Expresso clears all the checked metrics just within a single click.

Final Words

Quality content matters a lot in increasing the user-engagement and organic traffic.

You can use the mentioned above online tools to improve the quality of the content for blog posts, marketing campaigns, and other online purposes.

So, always create unique, effective, and user-engaging content to grab the audience to get more sales.