This Is What You Do Whenever You Find Yourself In An Accident

Cabral Law Group is your go-to whenever you are involved in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, dog bite, spinal cord injury or any other catastrophic injury, they’ll help you get fair compensation for the pain you have been caused.

If you are a victim in a road accident, there are certain things you must do to ensure your interest is well protected. 

Although you may be blank after surviving the accident but if you survived unscathed gather your wits and ensure you stay on top of the situation. Here are a number of things you can do in no particular order;

  • Call 911: The police should be your first point of contact anytime you are involved in a road accident. Inform them of your accident and make a police report which will prove valuable during litigation, getting in touch with the police makes it possible for the medical emergency team to come around in case there are any casualties.
  • Stop and Protect the scene of an accident: Never run away from the scene of an accident, it doesn’t exonerate you, only makes you guilty. You must await the arrival of the police and ensure the accidental scene is not disturbed by people’s movement so as to ensure evidence is not contaminated.
  • Take pictures and record videos: Prior to the arrival of the police, you can take your phone to gather first-hand evidence before the place is overcrowded by spectators.
  • Do not speculate, make wild guesses or lie while making your police report, make sure you are honest to the best of your ability. If you do not have the answer to a question, say you do not, misrepresenting the fact only makes your case weaker. And should the police officer ask if you are injured, from experience the best answer is not answer in the negative even if you are alright. Isn’t that lying? Well the repercussions of accidents are not sometimes felt on the spot,it is not until much later that you’ll feel the pain and what happens if you had mentioned NO? Your case is weakened.

Also ensure the other party involved in the accident gives an accurate statement too.

  • If the reporting police officer for your area does not show up, you should ask the other parties involved in the accident about their insurance covers. You should also exchange contact information with them.
  • Say No to a settlement offered on the spot of the accident by the other party. It is very likely that you will get less than what you deserve and you never know what bills or loss of income await you in terms of medical bills or lost income due to your inability to go to work. Getting in touch with disability lawyers is always advisable when matters compound to this level. So never agree to the idea of settlement until you know what lies ahead of you.
  • Seek medical attention: Once you leave the place of accident it is recommended that you go for a full body check up at the nearest hospital to determine if you suffered any internal bleeding or damaging injuries too. Like I earlier stated some injuries may remain unnoticeable until a much later date, getting a medical checkup only helps you stay on top of the situation.
  • Never forget to consult your attorney, it is very important, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation if you do things of your will without knowing the legal consequences.