The TrackTech Kit Ford Powerstroke Diesel

With headstocks, you can tighten the loads correctly. They pull in one direction to boost the relation accuracy. They can also handle heavy-duty vehicles with turbo pressure. For motors such as Powerstroke 6.0, head strokes are too important.

Support kit TrackTech HeadGasket for the complete top end cylinders

Setup of the framework

6.4L diesel powertrains 08-10 Ford.

(20) Cylinder Head Studs

(20) Nuts Cylinder Head Stud

(20) Cylindrical Head Stud Washers

(2) Knuckles head Head

Both top glasses and screens

1 Year Guarantee

TrackTech Head Studs in the industry are manufactured at 240,000 PSI with optimum tensile strength. They are also tested in the laboratory with a cutting-edge UTM testing machine validating the 240K PSI tensile power. Furthermore, the head clamps are the race-proven option for your truck on the road, where the racers put Track Technology clamps under the 6.4 head studs in the most challenging conditions. As this is an extensive top-end repair, we suggest using the best replacement parts available for the first time.

Here are some other items to be replaced by our customers:

Thermoelements, PCV Kit, Fuel for injection, Injector pump, EGR cooling systems, Cooler Oil Engine, EGR valve, radiator, Several supporters, Ribbon on snake, Coolant tubes etc. The head bolt threaded on each side is like a bolt; rather than a standard bolt with threads on both sides, the wrench can then connect. You slide your heads over the balls, mess up the balls and tweak them down to the other end of the block. ARP studs have been very competitive and proof of race for many, many years. TTY (the yield torque) is the factory’s head bolts only to be used once. If you have a malfunction of an EGR cooler or a coolant insertion (water does not squeeze as air is, and this is a weak point… TTY headboxes), you can stretch it if it is the same or you are leaking tightly. Rigid parallel washing systems with constant load and reliable torque calculation.

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The head joints of all diesel engines are affected by high cylinder pressures. The torque is the OEM head bolt factory, which twists and then expands the bolt to some torque with a final 90-degree rotation.

Our inspections and repairs of diesel vehicles show that you can produce higher rpm than your RPM and that the addition of components can produce a blown-out gasket (turbocharger, injectors, chips, etc.). Chef clamps are designed not to extend in contrast with head clamps. Xotic head studs are manufactured of premium steel alloys and are higher tensile strength to the bolt (XOTIC 7200). We thread our strokes to maximize the precision of the direction of dust.

We strongly advise you to replace your head joints with fasteners with traces, which do not expand, instead of blowing the head join again, so you never need to replace the failure entirely.

Your more expensive vehicle. Your more expensive car.

To fill the demand gap for high-quality car components, Xotic Production has been created. Too many car parts shops sell “cheap and cheap” things worth scraping; we can only improve that with full performance.

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Drawing diagrams contained installation instructions. You use a clothing kit for lubricating head bolt files (only applies if the cylinder head studs extend into the water jacket). Strong screw strings are fixed on the cylindrical head (not necessary tools). Insert the lubricated dust and wipe as close to the head bolt as possible (no tool necessary). Restore the bolts with manual torque guidance to the cylinder head in three stages. It’s been the last time after the company.


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