Easy Ways to Use a Menstrual Cup


By now, you’ve probably had at least one friend who swears by them, but maybe you haven’t made the switch yet, and you’re looking for a little more information before you commit. There are several benefits to using a menstrual cup instead of disposable feminine hygiene products. Obviously, they are more sustainable since they can … Read more

Ten types of underwear for women

Ten types of underwear for women

They are various kinds of panties, depending on what you want. Below we have listed ten types of underwear. By the way, for your next shopping, check here for your premium quality seamless panties. 1. Hipster This kind of panties is fashioned to be low-rise so they sit on your hips, just under the waistline … Read more

Why Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamond has been tagged as a girl’s best friend when Marilyn Monroe first sang the song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the 1950s from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Up until now, we keep hearing the phrase because diamonds, indeed, are a girl’s best friend. But have you ever wondered why? Well, every … Read more

How to Pick Women Sunglasses Online

Are you struggling to think about what kind of gift to give your special woman? Whether it is for her birthday, or for your anniversary, sunglasses is one of the best items you can give your girl. Fortunately, sunglasses never go out of style. Apart from that, sunglasses are economical, practical and easy to look … Read more

Women and Jewelry: Why They Love Each Other

Women and Jewelry: Why They Love Each Other

Have you ever wondered why women love to accessorize with jewelry? It may just be a habit to throw on your earrings every day, but what sparks this ritual? Crafting and wearing jewelry has been a tradition for thousands of years, a practice of cultures from every time period and corner of the world. Historically, … Read more

Book Review – Glamour: Women, History, Feminism by Carol Dyhouse

View Now! Do you have what it takes to be glamorous? Being glamorous means to have an attractive quality, to be fascinating, appealing and, alluring. Being glamorous doesn’t only mean looking beautiful on the outside, but also in the inside. Glamour: History, Feminism, Women is a book written by Carol Dyhouse. She is a researcher who … Read more