Benefits of Wearing Lipstick

A woman applying lipstick looking into a mirror

People nowadays have their beauty standards, and cosmetics are a big part of that.  Makeup comprises a variety of items such as lipstick Along with other beauty products, lipstick is a must-have. It has the power to accomplish a lot to improve our beauty on its own. Either it is for a … Read more

6 Orgasms Every Woman Must Experience at Least Once

feet in bed

Not all women experience an orgasm and not many talk freely about it. For men, reaching climax during intercourse is not a challenge in normal circumstances. However, many women struggle to reach orgasm and remain silent about it. According to research, only 30 percent of women experience an orgasm during sex. Is … Read more

The History of the Glamorous Woman and the Little Black Dress

When you look into your closet, you may most likely see certain pieces that you never throw away even after you’ve bought batches of clothes and phased them out of your life. There’s your favorite jeans, favorite t-shirt, and your versatile little black dress. The little black dress (a.k.a. LBD) is an … Read more