Glamorous Styles of the 1800s

woman wears white sheer indoor dress

When the French revolution ended during the 1700s, nobody wanted to look like a member of the French aristocrats. In fact, during this time, it was the women of Paris became who first abandon the overbearing, constricting, and stylish fashions of the 1700s. These women chose to wear long flowing muslin dresses … Read more

Create Glamorous Looks with Henna

henna tattoo on woman’s hand

Have you ever wondered what having a tattoo would feel and look like on your skin, but you’re afraid of going under the needle? Or do you love how traditional Indian wedding tattoos look like? Then, maybe a henna tattoo may be the right tattoo for you. Henna tattoos are entirely painless, … Read more

5 reasons why I LOVE gambling in glamorous a casino

I absolutely LOVE gambling in a casino – it’s hard to deny, but easy to see why. The establishments are at the very top of the food chain, catering to players all around the world and forming some of the biggest tourist attractions on offer.  There’s so much to do and see, … Read more

Guide to Glamorous and Great Looking Teeth

Find the right lipstick shade

Your smile is one of your best assets. It shows your charisma, attractiveness, and friendliness. But the beauty of your smile is greatly affected by the condition of your teeth. A glamorous and great-looking tooth is something you’d want to flaunt in front of a camera. And one of the most effective … Read more

The Top Glamorous Asian Travel Destinations

Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for an Asian escape? From mega metropolis centers to remote islands with stunning beaches, this Eastern continent has it all. Asia can bring you adventure, ancient history, and culture. If you’re looking for the perfect place to go where you can enjoy a glamorous trip, here are the exciting spots to … Read more

Tips for Looking Cute and Glamorous with Hello Kitty Style

Hello Kitty Style

Hello Kitty has been existing since 1974, but the character is still very popular. Perhaps you’ve already seen pink cars with Hello Kitty decals, iPhone cases shaped like Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty band-aids and more. Sanrio, her creator, has successfully built a cuteness empire that people from all generations love. The Hello … Read more

How to Look Glamorous with Sneakers

Blue Jeans and white Converse

Sneakers are the classic, sporty shoes you can take to go for long walks and all-day shopping. Since it’s so comfy and cool, sneakers have become a wardrobe essential for women, instantly making any outfit street-wear cool. These shoes are often paired with athletic wear and easy, casual get-ups like jeans and … Read more

The History of the Glamorous Woman and the Little Black Dress

When you look into your closet, you may most likely see certain pieces that you never throw away even after you’ve bought batches of clothes and phased them out of your life. There’s your favorite jeans, favorite t-shirt, and your versatile little black dress. The little black dress (a.k.a. LBD) is an … Read more

Glamorous Makeup Tips

The choice of an outfit depends on the occasion, so does a woman’s makeup. You won’t wear the same makeup on a late night party or wedding with the makeup style you wear for work or grocery shopping. Of course, you would want to look fabulous on a special occasion. Whether it’s … Read more

Yes, You Can Eat Pancakes and Keep a Glamorous Figure

Staying young feeling, healthy and looking fit, fabulous and glamorous is a great goal for anyone to have!  We go to the gym to tone our bodies, keep in shape and look great. Add on to that the sacrifice in our diets to keep a healthy physique.  That means often sacrificing some … Read more