The Ultimate Guide to Derma Rolling

A LVN performing collagen induction therapy

Skincare is the new cool now. Gone are the days when having a rough and tough look was considered cute. This time and age is all about self-care and appreciating your own body. And by skincare, we do not mean simply washing your face with a face wash. Your face is the … Read more

Guide to Creams to Use After Micro Needling

person getting some cream in a container

Micro needling is one of the clean and safe ways to rejuvenate your skin and improve the look of scarring and imperfections. It is a non-ablative treatment that uses tiny stainless-steel needles to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin on the skin. With this, new skin tissue will replace old damaged … Read more

Advantages of using dermaroller

Advantages of using dermaroller

Microneedling seems to be the hottest skin care trend today and devotees have sworn by its effectiveness in reducing several types of flaws on the skin. Microneedling is basically the insertion of the tiny needles into the skin’s epidermis (the outermost layer) for the purposes of collagen induction, which helps in rejuvenating … Read more

Top 5 (Facial) Sun Creams

Top 5 Facial Sun Creams

It is not generally advisable to go out under the sun after dermarolling. But if you must, you should give exposed parts of your body (such as the face and arms) a much-needed protection days after they have received the dermarolling treatment. Derma rolling helps in lightening the complexion of your face … Read more

Introduction to Derma Rolling

Introduction to Derma Rolling

Being a glam girl, you probably have heard about derma rolling. It’s the process of using a derma roller, a skin care device that features a roller with hundreds of tiny little needles on its surface used to prick the face. While a derma roller may look like some kind of a … Read more