Shany Duchess Liquid Eye Liner Review

Liquid eye liner was kind of like a gift from the gods for women. You no longer needed to risk jabbing you eye with a pencil and putting on eye liner was as fun (and shaky hand accident prone) as painting. Unfortunately, when the whole controversy of parabens came to light, liquid eye liner became a big turn off for women who weren’t willing to risk breast cancer because of a product that was filled with cancer-causing parabens. Even now that the truth about parabens is out there, you still find them in a lot of cosmetics, and none more so than liquid eye liners.

…But then there is Shany and their Duchess set of liquid eye liners. Duchess by Shany is a set of three different size liquid eye liners that go on beautifully and richly black, and they are completely without parabens.

I know, that doesn’t sound very impressive unless you have already put the legwork into finding a liquid eye liner without them. (Spoilers: It is pretty difficult.)

Initial gushing about yet another Shany product aside, the Duchess eye liner not only gives your three sizes of eye liners in one affordable set, but the you get that great glide on application that comes with liquid eye liner, waterproof eye liner, and eye liner that is infused with aloe vera to soothe your skin as it sits there all day.

Because it is also fast drying, you don’t need to worry about smudging it after putting it on in the morning, but that does mean you only have so much time to correct any mistakes. Unfortunately, if you do have a little hand flinch, you will need to break out the makeup remover and start again. Yet, if that is the worst thing about a product, well, then we are pretty lucky to have found it.

As for irritants, while there are no parabens or any other common ones in there, I know there are some people sensitive to propylene glycol, and that is in this eye liner.