Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Shadow Review

As you can probably guess by the name, Revlon’s Luxurious Color eye shadow is the type of eye shadow that, if you aren’t into brand names, you might go to the drugstore and grab really quick because the color looks nice. If you don’t have sensitive skin around your eyes, you will probably like it, after all the Revlon Luxurious Color eye shadow is great eye shadow, but not if you have makeup sensitivities.


If you have sensitive eyes, this eye shadow is actually really quite bad.

Of course, like many big makeup brands, Revlon doesn’t go out of its way to display an ingredients list for its eye shadow, so one has to go look it up on CosDNA. Oh, boy. It is like it checks off everything you don’t want to see in your eye shadow if you have sensitive skin. Carmine, mica, bismuth oxychloride, and a number of synthetic dyes. The only irritant it is missing is lanolin, and that is probably because it is eye shadow and not lipstick.

It also features both titanium dioxide and iron oxide, which actually are in most sunscreens and aren’t bad for you, but they can trigger sensitivity.

That lengthy list of sensitivity and allergy-triggering ingredients is unfortunate because, as I said before, Revlon Luxurious Color is actually really good eye shadow. It is highly pigmented and features vibrant shimmering colors that don’t wear down throughout the day. Let’s take a moment to envy all those girls that can use any kind of makeup without worrying about sensitivity.