Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Review

When it comes to eye shadow palates, there are none more popular than the Revlon ColorStay palettes. However, the real problem with popular products is that they have earned such a sterling reputation among so many people with non-sensitive skin that we tend not to question them. When we want to try out a new eye shadow style, we might be a touch brainwashed to believe that Revlon is the best, but that is just not the case.

The Revlon ColorStay Eye Shadow is the perfect example of your old school cosmetic that used a bunch of ingredients and didn’t really care if they were fine for your skin or not. I imagine that Revlon keeps up this enduring line purely because people still buy it religiously as their eye shadow of choice and because they don’t have sensitive skin and don’t care what is in it.

The ingredients of the ColorStay are basically a checklist of bad cosmetics ingredients. It has bismuth oxychloride, carmine, and a whole range of synthetic dyes, all of which irritate. It also contains other ingredients like mica and titanium dioxide which are, not specifically irritating, can cause irritation in certain sensitive individuals. The only thing it really has going for it is that is that while it uses a dated formula, it doesn’t use parabens as a preservative like many older cosmetics.

The real sad part is that while it has a long, long list of all chemical ingredients and several irritation triggers, it is still an all around great eye shadow product. For many, this was our first venture into eye shadow. The palate provided a number of flat color options, but the color collection in each quad design was made to be layer for dynamic eye shadow options. Not only does each package come with four different color options, but there are a variety of different quad collections that pretty much assures that you can find a color or combination of colors that you like as well as ones that accentuate your eyes.

The Revlon ColorStay is the perfect example of how frustrating it is to have sensitive skin. It is a great eye shadow, but because it has so many irritation triggering ingredients, it is almost completely locked off to anyone with an kind of skin sensitivity. Perhaps these ingredients are essential to making great cosmetics, but with so many brands out there that don’t use them, I kind of think not.