Recommendations for the practice of healthy physical activity

Exercising, practicing a sport and being physically active is an opportunity to take care of our health and improve both our physical and mental condition. There is clear evidence that physical activity contributes effectively to improving our health and avoiding or alleviating many diseases and health problems. In a way adapted to our age, we can all incorporate this healthy habit into our daily routine, whether you practice for the first time or resume it after a while without doing any physical activity. Follow our recommendations and make the most of the benefits it will bring you꽁머니!

General recommendations

To achieve the recommendations of a healthy physical activity practice, it is very important to take into account three basic aspects: exercising regularly, reducing the time of sedentary activities, and interrupting sedentary periods (avoiding sitting in the same posture for a long time, doing short sessions of stretching or taking a short walk).

Sedentary activities are those that require little movement and therefore very little energy expenditure, such as traveling by car, sitting still watching television or in front of other screens: mobile phones, computers, tablets, video games.

Reducing the total time spent in sedentary activities should be a goal for everyone, regardless of your exercise habits.

What should I keep in mind when doing physical activity?

If you practice or decide to practice a physical activity, it is necessary to take into account a series of useful recommendations gathered from the sporting experience:

  • Find your own motivation and plan your activities according to your physical condition.
  • Request a prior medical evaluation to know your physical condition before scheduling the exercise, especially if you have suffered or suffer from any disease.
  • Set reasonable goals and choose activities of intensity, volume and frequency accordingly.

Plan how to progressively achieve the recommendations for physical activity:

  • Analyze what is the level of activity from which you start.
  • Ask yourself what the pros and cons are.

Get regular physical activity of your choice. It is important that you find it satisfying and fun.

In addition to doing planned physical exercise, it is important that you remain active the rest of the day: take a walk, use the stairs, and use active means of transport during your free time.

Exercise, lead an active life and reduce sedentary lifestyle: these are beneficial habits for your health.

Where do I begin?

If you are going to initiate changes in your daily routines and you are going to include physical exercise, it is advisable to choose a pleasant and appropriate activity based on your physical condition.

Start by practicing very low intensity physical exercise and gradually increase the volume and then the intensity. A very strenuous activity is not advisable. Observing your progress will help you stay motivated.

How much?

We can integrate physical activity into our daily routine and add periods of 10 minutes, until we reach at least 150 minutes a week.

Walking is an option

Most people can benefit from walking. In order to complete the activity, you should walk at a rhythm that allows you to chat while you walk. We enjoy walking with a group more and it is more enjoyable.

If you decide to go hiking, the community of Madrid has Active Paths of the Madrid Active Region program: paths, routes and paths that link population centers or municipalities, for the promotion of healthy physical exercise.

If you cannot do a regulated sport, walk daily, it is a type of physical exercise within your reach. You have many opportunities throughout the day: when you go shopping, when you pick up the children at school, when you go to or from work or any other daily activity. Choose active transportation: leave the car, get off one stop before the bus, and walk to your destination.

Recommendations by stages

We can all do physical activity taking into account our condition and the reasons why we consider starting to practice it. It is not the same to want to acquire or stay in good shape than to try to reduce cholesterol levels or regain muscle strength after immobilization due to an accident. We must carry out the most appropriate type of activity to improve the aspects that interest us.

Although the current pace of life and the physical and social environments do not favor the regular maintenance of exercise, we can find formulas to overcome these difficulties: individual and collective involvement in educational settings, health centers, cultural associations or sports entities.

We have to pay special attention to those stages such as adolescence (especially among girls), entering the world of work, or the time we dedicate to family requirements, in which many of us temporarily stop leading a more active life.