Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara Review

I have occasionally poor feelings for Physician’s Formula as a brand because as natural and organic they claim their products to be, it is not always so. However, it seems their mascara is a pleasant exception that lives up to the lofty claims on the label.



Physician’s Formula Organic Natural Origin Mascara is as natural as its appealing package makes it look. As smooth as that segue was, I do want to talk about how cool the package is first and foremost. Typically, you shouldn’t be choosing a product based on its packaging, and typically there is no reason to because they are usually pretty plain. I won’t lie though, the little leaf paintbrush thing it has going on intrigued me enough to pick it out.

So is it as good as its packaging makes it look? Well, yeah, actually. The product is marketed as 100% free of harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic, as well as having the typical things you want with a mascara like being clump-free, smudge-free, and flake-free. You know, all the buzzwords.

So how does it stand up?

Well, as far as being free of harsh chemicals, it does keep that promise. All of the ingredients are natural enough, with many of them citing they were produced from organic farming. However, there are some ingredients that might give pause, like the inclusion of iron oxide that might irritate some with that particular sensitivity. Another potential trigger from some is the use of beeswax. However, for people that like to be completely vegan, the mascara does use glycerin and stearic acid. These both can be made from vegetables, but they can also be made from animal by-products. The mascara doesn’t say which is uses, but it isn’t certified vegan, so…

As for the product itself, it is passable mascara, but it kind of lies when it says that it is smudge-proof, because it is in no way that. With no waterproofing whatsoever, the mascara is easy to take off at night, but you need to watch how you touch your eyes during the day. However, its lack of waterproofing does mean that if you do get it in your eye, it is not as catastrophic as it would be with a chemical-filled waterproof product.

One final comment is that because it doesn’t have chemical preservatives, this product has about a maximum shelf life in your cosmetic bag of nine to twelve months. Afterwards it will tend to get a bit tried out, so maybe don’t go for the jumbo size.

So overall, if you have chemical sensitivities and need a mascara that doesn’t trigger swollen eyelids, this is a good choice of mascara. However, if your sensitivities are more natural, there are some ingredients here that could potentially trigger you. With the inclusion of “maybe” animal by-products and the lack of real smudge resistance, Natural Origins mascara provides a thick and easily applied mascara that might smudge, but doesn’t flake or clump. In cosmetics you can never truly have it all, so this might be a trade-off that suits your unique needs.