Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Lash-Boosting Eyeliner +Serum Review

There are few finer feelings in the world than using a liquid eyeliner and drawing on beautiful crisp lines like you were doing it with a fine-tipped marker. However, while traditional eye pencils can irritate your eyes with their sharp points, in liquid eyeliner, it is the ingredients you need to watch out for. So how does this Physician’s Formula creation stack up?

As a rule, I generally tend to avoid Physician’s Formula products purely on the basis that, despite their name, they still use things like parabens as well as ingredients that are less controversial and universally agreed to be skin irritants in their products. So going into Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Lash-Boosting Eyeliner and Serum, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it.

Usually it is the mascara that you find advertises it as “lash-boosting” so I’m not sure what it is doing here. Perhaps after a period of use, it will give you healthier lashes, but I typically don’t buy into that because I never see results. However, as an eyeliner, this product is just beautiful. It goes on a nice crisp black and absolutely glides on without being too watery that it start to wander or too thick you need to really work to paint it on. The nice fine tip also works to your advantage if you want to add a little extra style at the corner of your eyes as well. Really it feels like a calligraphy brush for your eyes, and that is definitely something to love.

So what about those ingredients? I’ll be frank, there are about two things that I actually recognized. The rest of the ingredients were so ridiculously overly chemically that I spent two hours looking them up. However, heavy chemical ingredients in liquid eyeliner is nothing new, and I actually didn’t find anything that was particularly alarming. It didn’t actually cause any irritation either. However, due to events, I did discover it is darn hard to get off contact lenses. It does advertise itself as safe for contact wearers, and that is true after application, but if you accidentally poke yourself in the eye, you are going to need a new contact.

So overall, this liquid eyeliner was a pleasant surprise. While it’s marketing about improving lash health is likely hokum, as a liquid eyeliner it works wonderfully. However, if you are the all natural sort or have  high chemical sensitivities, this product with its all chemical ingredients is probably a pass for you.