Pain Relief Naturally Moisturizing Healing Organic Lip Gloss Review

Neither the brand name of Pain Relief Naturally or the product name of Moisturizing Healing Organic Lip Gloss is very catchy, but there is one thing you can’t deny, and that is that the company is straight to the point in all things they do. They sell a number of organic cosmetics and, you guessed it, things to soothe irritated skin, cracked lips, ect. However, they can be as direct and as to the point as they want in all their product names if they are anything like this amazing lip gloss.

Lip gloss typically isn’t something that irritates lips too often. Sometimes it includes mica which can irritate, or things like capsaicin or peppermint that can cause burning or swelling. Usually, with lip gloss you need to worry more about the color additives and preservatives. Of course you also have to worry about lip gloss making your lips so shiny that you look like a teen before you learned not to slather it on again.


However, Moisturizing Healing Organic Lip Gloss (I feel silly every time I have to type that, yes) has none of the above. Probably my favorite part of it is the price, you get the five different shades of lip gloss for the price of one tube of more luxury lip gloss, or rather lipstick, since there probably isn’t such a thing as luxury lip gloss.

As for the ingredients list, its short and only differs when it comes to what ingredients they use to color the different shades. However, the very good news is that all those ingredients are completely organic AND ingredients you would actually recognize. None of that nonsense like camelina sativa oil that sounds vaguely natural, but you have no idea what it actually is. Instead you recognize things like rose hips, avocado, wintergreen, ect.

The one potential red flag is the inclusion of RD40, otherwise known as Red Dye 40, but it states on the label that it is organic. It is kind of confusing since RD40 is a synthetic dye. However, you can mimic the same color with a number of natural ingredients. However, the problem is that if it isn’t taking that route, RD40 can be very bad as it is a common cause of hypersensitivity and swelling when it comes to both cosmetics and its inclusion in food.

RD40 is the only potentially problematic maybe synthetic ingredient, but if you have natural allergies, this isn’t the lip gloss for you. It is made from beeswax and cocoa butter as well as mango kern. Even if you have a nut allergy this is out as it uses walnut and almond.

If you don’t have natural allergies, however, the best thing about this product is that it is handcrafted in small batches. This means that you get some color differences if you purchase this multiple times, but it is nice to see a cosmetic made with such care these days.

As a lip gloss in general, it can be a little frustrating to apply. It is packaged like chap stick, but it is softer like you would expect with lips gloss. It has a great glossy look, but putting it on with globbing requires more thought than you would probably like. However, as it has a nice range of colors that range from pink to dark red, you do have a lot of gloss options.