Learn About the Book – Glamour: A History

Learn About the Book - Glamour: A History

Glamour: A History is a book written by Stephen Gundle. He is a Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Film and Television at Warwick University. His interests lie mainly in the fields of film and cultural and political history with a special emphasis on Italian cinema and other media. Glamour: A … Read more

Introduction to Eyelash Extensions


There’s just something pretty and glamorous about having longer and fuller eyelashes. That’s why every time we go out somewhere fun or fancy, we take time applying mascara and curling it up for a fluttery effect. But sometimes, you crave for something more – something that looks more natural and stays. Thankfully, … Read more

Wearing Slimming and Body Shaping Garments and Shapewear


Like it or not our physical appearance plays a vital role in our lives and it affects how other people view and treat us. People, unfortunately, judge at first glance and first impressions can last a long time and be hard to break. “Looking-glamorous” has standards and one of them at times … Read more

Charmed Life: The Phenomenal World of Philip Sassoon

Charmed Life: The Phenomenal World of Philip Sassoon

Published in 2016 with 400 pages, Damian Collins is the author of Charmed Life:  The phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon.  The book was first published in hardcover in June by William Collins and on paperback in February 2017. Damian Collins was elected as a Member of Parliament (PM) for Folkestone Hythe during … Read more

Yes, You Can Eat Pancakes and Keep a Glamorous Figure


Staying young feeling, healthy and looking fit, fabulous and glamorous is a great goal for anyone to have!  We go to the gym to tone our bodies, keep in shape and look great. Add on to that the sacrifice in our diets to keep a healthy physique.  That means often sacrificing some … Read more

History of High Heel Shoes


“Should I wear heels or not?” This is a common dilemma many women face whenever they go out. They want to look taller and more sophisticated, but at the same time, they want to be comfortable and be able to feel their feet at the end of the night. Heels are pretty … Read more