Matte Mineral Makeup

Bare Minerals released their Matte Mineral Makeup to meet the growing demand for a Bismuth-free mineral foundation.

By eliminating the Bismuth, which is problematic for some users, Bare Minerals Matte Foundation also tones down the “glow” that some love and others hate, thus the name “matte”. Bare Escentuals also eliminates another problem with this foundation – it has a great twist top sifter, which really helps control the mess that you sometimes have with mineral makeup.


This is definitely a “second generation” mineral foundation – in addition to the traditional ingredients, it also contains the “soil minerals” from Rare Minerals. As a result, Bare Escentuals is reporting that over 90 percent of women who use this saw pores minimized, nearly 90 percent said the foundation stayed shine-free, and about 85 percent report improved skin condition from using the product.

The Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide a natural SPF 15.

Bare Escentuals Matte Mineral Foundation Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide. Inactive Ingredients: Lauroyl Lysine, Silica, Calcium Silicate, Soil Minerals. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

Bare Minerals Matte Mineral Makeup Foundation Shades

It is available in 20 different shades:

  1. Fair – For the fairest porcelain skin with cool undertones
  2. Fairly Light – For porcelain-to-light skin with neutral undertones
  3. Golden Fair – For the fairest porcelain skin with yellow-olive undertones
  4. Light – For light skin with golden undertones
  5. Fairly Medium – For light-to-medium skin with pink undertones
  6. Medium – For light-to-medium skin with cool undertones
  7. Medium Beige – For medium skin with neutral undertones
  8. Medium Tan – For medium-to-tan skin with rosy undertones
  9. Golden Medium – For medium skin with golden undertones
  10. Tan – For olive-to-tan skin with neutral undertones
  11. Warm Tan – For tan skin with golden undertones
  12. Golden Tan – For medium-to-tan skin with subtle yellow-olive undertones
  13. Dark – For tan-to-dark skin with rich red undertones
  14. Medium Dark – For dark skin with neutral undertones
  15. Golden Dark – For dark skin with subtle yellow-olive undertones
  16. Warm Dark – For dark skin with deep yellow-olive undertones
  17. Medium Deep – For dark-to-deep skin with rich red undertones
  18. Deepest Deep – For the deepest skin with neutral undertones
  19. Golden Deep – For deepest skin with subtle yellow-olive undertones
  20. Warm Deep – For deepest skin with intense yellow-olive undertones

Bare Escentuals Matte Mineral Makeup Reviews

I really like this foundation and I think most women with oiler skin and/or visible pores will prefer it to the original Bare Minerals Foundation.

I have seen varying levels of satisfaction with this newer formulation. Some claim the foundation caused a breakout, or dried their skin too much. Others like the product very much but say that the coverage does not last all day. The spill proof container gets huge Kudos all around. I would guess that if you absolutely adore the original take a pass on this one, but if you are acne prone, have oily skin, visible pores or have itching from the bismuth, give this one a try.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Reviews

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