Mary Kay Crème Lipstick Review

Mary Kay is an established name in high-end cosmetics. It used to be that Mary Kay was one of the elites, a cosmetic that you could try out and test from saleswomen that can right to your door with a kit of samples. However, you can now find Mary Kay products everywhere. Yet, when it comes to sensitive lips, is Mary Kay still stuck in the past.

The Mary Kay Crème Lipstick is easily one of their best products. Its creamy texture allows it to glide on smooth, and yet that rich color lasts for hours without feathering, bleeding, or losing an ounce of its initial luster. Thanks to its formula enriched with vitamin E and vitamin C for a preservative, it can actually help prevent damage and dryness to your lips.

While it is enriched with minerals, fragrance-free, and marketed towards sensitive skin, Mary Kay plays it pretty close to the chest with what “other” ingredients are in their crème lipstick, and once you hunt it down on CosDNA, it is pretty easy to see why.

Aside from nourishing vitamins, Mary Kay’s Crème lipstick also has carmine, lanolin, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, mica, soybean oil, beeswax, and castor oil. Those ingredients are all potential allergens or irritants that make this lipstick for “sensitive skin” very far from the best pick.

It is unfortunate because Mary Kay’s Crème really is a quality product, but if you have sensitive skin, there are likely very few women that can use it. Otherwise, if you have no lipstick sensitivities, then by all means, get your Mary Kay on.