Makeup Primers

Mineral Makeup Primers are some of the newer products on the markets and they are growing in popularity. Primers are applied after your moisturizer and before your foundation. They create a smooth finish for your foundation.




If you love the concept of mineral makeup but cannot achieve the look you want, you may want to consider trying a primer. Primers can also be used under any foundation – mineral, non-mineral, loose, pressed or liquid.

Primers have the texture of a thick gel. The main ingredient is usually Dimethicone – which has a very thick and smooth feel.

Using a primer is suppose to help your foundation last longer – the primer forms a protective layer between your makeup and skin and keeps it in place. It can also hide many imperfections like fine lines and large pores.

I have tried many foundation primers and they do make your face look smoother. I use primer for special occasions, but I do not use it everyday for several reasons. First I have acne prone skin and I have noticed increased breakouts when I used primer everyday. And second my skin has always responded very favorably to mineral makeup – I believe there are ingredients in the minerals that are beneficial to my skin and when I use primer I am forming a barrier between my skin and the minerals.

Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup and Primer

I think primer is idea for people with drier skin, especially those who feel like mineral foundation is drying to their skin. It is also great for people with sensitive skin. Once you find a primer you can use it does form a barrier to other products that may cause irritation.

If you are troubled by large pores, acne scarring and/or fine lines and wrinkles you will probably be thrilled with primer. You may also want to give it a try if you feel your foundation doesn’t last as long as you want it to.

If your skin is oily, actively breaking out or prone to acne, I would not recommend that you use a primer everyday – but again you may want to use it on occasion. (philosophy’s the present is the only primer that I can say for sure does not not make me break out.)

Makeup Primer Reviews

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