Lumene Sensitive Touch Eyeliner Review

When it comes to having a reaction on your eyes, having a reaction to your eyeliner isn’t quite as dramatic as having one to your eye shadow, but no one wants to walk around having people think they have a bad case of pink eye. Worse yet, the burning and the itching lead to terrible rubbing, which is difficult not to lead to smudging.

So what makes Lumene Sensitive Touch eyeliner different from all the other eyeliners out there? Well, if you look at the ingredients list, you will probably scoff and say “Not Much” like I did at first. It is filled with chemicals, and while not all chemicals are irritants, people with sensitive eyes have probably been burned enough times to be wary. What’s even more concerning is the different shades have different ingredients, so if you are fine with one shade, you might not be fine with another.

Though, the deciding factor here was the fact that this isn’t just another cosmetic that glides on by the FDA, it was actually crafted in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy & Asthma Federation. Considering how great many Scandinavian cosmetics are, that merits a little bit of trust. Apparently the key is that it uses arctic blueberry extract to condition the eye beforehand so that women with sensitive eyes or contact lens don’t get irritation.

While it is free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, and mineral oil, it doesn’t mean it is perfect for everyone. You need to be weary, some shades contain mica that can be murder on some eyes and it uses beeswax that can trigger allergies. However, as for the chemicals, it seems whatever they use to condition the eyes for it works quite well, but of course that is different for everyone.

As for eyeliner, it works well. However, it is one of those eyeliners in which you will have to layer if you like thicker lines. About two or three applications on top of the initial application will give you nice thick lines. However, you also need to remember to keep the cap on after application because this particular pencil not only dries out quickly, but it also loses color integrity as that happens.

While Lumene Sensitive Touch does go on relatively easily (providing it isn’t dried out), it is also marketed as smudge-proof. Do note that smudge-proof doesn’t count if water is involves. While it can take some light tear action, if you are bawling your eyes out, expect things to get a little runny, it will also smear if it is wet and you are wiping your eyes. So if you just happen to rub your eyes, you have nothing to worry about, but as soon as any moisture becomes involved, expect a few problems.

Overall, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have incredibly high hopes for this product, but their conditioning technique for their product seems to be pretty effective. As eyeliner itself, it is pretty average, but outside of the awesome things you can do with the liquid stuff, eyeliner itself isn’t exactly flush with possibilities.