L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara Review


When it comes to makeup sensitivities, typically women don’t have too big of a problem with mascaras. There aren’t many ingredients in mascara to begin with and they only have so much contact with your skin, so the probability of allergy or irritation is rare. However, that doesn’t mean mascara can’t cause problems. In most cases, it is clumps and then the flaking of said clumps into your eyes that makes for a terrible day. Not only are flakes of mascara right in your eye painful, but they can also get caught in your contacts, adding even more problems.

So, clearly the answer to avoid irritation when it comes to mascara is to find one that limits clumping. For that, the most popular choice is L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. Let’s be real, this is one of the most popular mascaras around, and it is popular for a reason. It advertises itself as a lash volume increaser, making them longer and more luscious. While the mascara makes them look a little thicker, it doesn’t provide “5x” the volume as it so advertises, but most people probably already knew that.

What makes women come back to L’Oreal Voluminous mascara time and time again is the fact that is goes on wonderfully thick and smooth. Not only that, but it dries quickly and doesn’t come off easily throughout the day. While not waterproof, you have to really put some effort into getting this mascara to smear. Tears will cause that, but it really only comes off if you wipe your eyes. This means that you get a mascara that isn’t prone to flaking since you have to get it wet before it starts to come off your eye lashes.

While its lack of waterproofing can be a deal breaker for some women, for those with sensitive eyes, this can be a mascara choice of a lifetime because it is smooth when you apply it, fast-drying, and doesn’t flake.