L’Oreal Paris True Match Gentle Mineral Makeup Review

Mineral makeup is the dream. It makes your skin appear soft, not shiny, and even radiant in some products. Unfortunately, for as popular as mineral makeup is, a lot of women moved away from it because it had talc or the small powdered minerals just straight up clogged up their pores. No one wants either of those things. However, there are some mineral makeup brands that moved away from both, but is this L’Oreal brand one of them?

The L’Oreal Gentle Mineral Makeup’s whole marketing strategy is that it is a mineral makeup that gives you a more even skin tone. However, if you have every tried any mineral makeup, that is pretty much what they do. Of course, usually they work in varying degrees. As a skin tone evening foundation, this mineral powder foundation works nicely, covering imperfections and evening out areas of mild discoloration. I have an old dark acne scar that it lightened, but didn’t complexly cover up. However, for dark discoloration, it should do the trick in combination with a liquid foundation.

My personal favorite part is that since the brush is one the lid, it makes it hard to lose the darn thing, but it will spread mineral foundation all over your makeup bag if you don’t clean it properly. It also feels nice and light on the skin, without talc and a gentle SPF 19, you also get some solid skin protection. Instead of talc, it uses a nice mix of copper, magnesium, manganese, and calcium as its minerals that works out pretty well.

But there’s a catch.

While this mineral makeup is made out actually a stunning list of non-irritating ingredients with very little chemicals, the problem lies in that dreadful “may contain”. As I’ve said before, “may contain” mind as well say “does contain” because that is usually the case. While this mineral makeup uses nice natural ingredients, even titanium dioxide for SPF, which is the gentler SPF option in cosmetics, it “may contain” iron oxide, mica, and bismuth oxychloride. This is hugely upsetting since all three of those can cause big issues and bismuth oxychloride is just, in general very bad for you.

If you don’t have specific sensitivities to them, mica and iron oxide aren’t really an issue, but bismuth oxychloride should generally be a deal breaker. Yet, it is up to you. There are a lot of good mineral makeup’s out there that don’t include this ingredient, but if this is the one that works for you and doesn’t irritate your skin, it is up to you to decide it your want to use it.

While it didn’t cause irritation and worked nicely, I am not fond of companies that label all their bad ingredients as “may contain”. If you have to use it, put it out in the open, but of course the whole “may contain” label is often forced by the FDA as well.