LORAC Pro Mascara Review

I have never put a lot of stock in mascara that claims to extend lashes. I never really saw results from anything with such claims, but that being said, having long-ish lashes already, so it was never really an issue. However, I think I might have found a mascara that actually lives up to its lash-boosting claims, and I’m kind of going crazy over it.

LORAC Pro mascara comes from one of my favorite cosmetics companies. LORAC was a brand that was built by a makeup artist around her client’s constant complaints that chemical cosmetics damaged their skin. So she created a whole line of cosmetics that are healthy for skin, and they have always been great (albeit a bit pricey). This mascara is much of the same. Compared to other mascara ingredients lists where you can’t pick out a natural ingredient in the bunch, LORAC pro mascara is flush with them. In it, I can identify the ingredients that are the likely ingredients for its superb lash-lengthening powers.

This mascara uses three different types of waxes. In mascara, typically a wax will bind the dark pigment to your eye lashes and make them look singular and beautiful. Unfortunately, too much wax and not enough emulsifier is typically what gives you that clumpy look. This mascara isn’t clumpy, though. I firmly believe that it is likely the applicator that helps it out in this respect. When you apply it, the waxes make your lashes look longer and the applicator is designed in such a way that it is like you are taking a paintbrush to each individual lash instead of the usual feeling of just dragging them through the paint bucket together.

Although sadly not completely waterproof, the smudge-proofing of this mascara is on point, and the color is deep, dark, and so dramatic. With my natural lengthy lashes combined with the extending power of the mascara, it seriously looks like I am wearing fakies, and it is kind of awesome. However, there is one unfortunate side of this product and that is one of the three waxes is beeswax. This means it cuts off women with beeswax allergies, but if that isn’t one of your triggers, the other ingredients are all very natural and aboveboard.

It’s really hard to get excited over a mascara, but damn it, LORAC has done it. Even if you don’t need longer lashes, the pigment alone is beautiful and black, something that can make any eye pop. While it is locked off for women with beeswax allergies, for everyone else, it is a magnificent thing that might just make it the only mascara you will ever need.