LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer Review


Since primer is the first thing to touch your face after the morning’s first wash, it is extremely important that you choose one that doesn’t irritate your skin. After all, an irritating primer means a day of tightness, tingling, or even swelling if you have a bad enough reaction to it as well as possibly an evening of acne breakouts. So when it comes to primers you not only want them to do their intended use, but a minimum number of ingredients is key.

At first, I was a bit weary of LORAC POREfection Primer because I couldn’t find the ingredients list on the page, so I had to go searching. For future reference, that usually means that they don’t really want to tell you what it is in there. However, it seems all my worrying was for nothing. I found the ingredients on their actual company page, and not only is there a small amount of them, but none of them are irritants that you need to steer away from.

In fact, the only potentially problematic ingredient is salicylic acid, which actually might be a boon if you still suffer from the tragedy that is acne. Although that acid can irritate some people, what it actually does is dry up any oil and give you a nice matte base that provides a solid canvas for long-lasting foundation, less fine lines, and nice small pores.

However, it is important to remember that it only acts as a good primer if you aren’t using makeup that is too oily. If your liquid foundation has a nice powder finish or you are just using powder, this primer is an absolute dream. However, I found that with oiler products it tends to give up must quicker.