Living Libations Organic / Wildcrafted Maiden Fern Blushing Balm Review

If you have makeup sensitivities, or even suspect it, the first thing you will do is to see what you can do to make your cosmetics more natural and organic. However, many with sensitivities are actually sensitive to completely natural ingredients like mica or carmine, so you have to be careful. However, if you like cosmetics with ingredients you can immediately connect with a natural plant, your choices are scarce, but they are out there.


Living Libations is a relatively small cosmetics line, but they feature a number of organic and natural products and one such product is their Wildcrafted Maiden Fern Blushing Balm.

The way this product is marketed is that is it’s supposed to seem like a cheek and lip tint. Unfortunately, lips and cheeks are two very different beasts with very different needs. The product itself is fairly liquid which makes it easy to use on cheeks, but it doesn’t provide the same type of tint that you would want on lips. You could layer it to get some effect, but you can find better lip tints out there.

One other potential issue with the product and its performance is that there is only one shade – your standard blush red – and it tends to darken after a few hours. It is kind of a trade off. You can apply it lighter to combat the darkening effect later or wash it off and reapply when you see it darkening. Both situations kind of suck considering when applied normally, the blush looks great, but not many want to have to wash it off after a few hours to put it back on.

As for the ingredients, good news, they’re great! This liquid blush lives up to its organic title by having completely natural ingredients. It uses a combination of rose petals, turmeric, carrot, and lavender to form the beautiful color while also utilizing the circulation-improving cayenne and ginger to increase blood flow to the area and give you a natural blush. Every ingredient inside this blush has its benefits for skin. However, if your skin is truly a delicate snowflake, cayenne and ginger might irritate it more than it is meant to, giving you a deeper blush than you wanted as well as sore and burning skin.

It’s a real shame about the color degradation on this wildcrafted blush, because it really is such a great natural product. However, the darkening is just one of those things that you get with organic products. Without any of the preservatives that can irritate your face, the color is a victim.