Lip Ink Organic Vegan Liquid Lipstick Review

To me, I still tend to think of liquid lipstick as that awful gloppy stuff you found in a cheap tube when you just started using makeup, but it has become a viable lipstick option for many that found the traditional stick models a little more irritating. However, typically what makes liquid lipstick so viscous, the chemicals, is also what makes it occasionally irritating. Luckily, we might have discovered our most natural lipstick to date, and it is indeed in liquid


Lip Ink Organic Vegan Liquid Lipstick sings its lofty ideals with its name, but while any cosmetic can get away with putting words like “vegan” and “organic” on the label. However, there are a lot of ways to get around that with inspectors. Yet, despite the fact that I had to hunt down the ingredients list on the website (and even then it was hard to find), not even one ingredients sounds anything less than 100 percent from nature. However, there is one tidbit that does bother me. They don’t list where their pigments for the surprisingly wide range of colors comes from. Let us not forget that carmine, one of the most irritating ingredients in cosmetics, is also 100 percent natural, too.

However, carmine doesn’t appear and neither do the other pigment ingredients aside a long list of botanicals. While it is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and all those other buzzwords, it is still important to read through the ingredients if you have natural allergies.

As for how it goes one, the Lip Ink liquid lipstick actually comes with three different products. The first is a primer / exfoliate. The second is a moisturizer that is also supposed to plump your lips, and the final product is the actual lipstick. The lip exfoliate does work really great and it does indeed leave your lips feeling smooth. However, I can’t attest to the lip plumping properties of the moisturizer itself. Also, be sure to let the moisturizer absorb for a bit of time before adding the actual lipstick since it can cause a little too liquidy consistency.

The big selling point of this liquid lipstick other than its natural and organic ingredients is that it is completely smearproof. What they don’t say is that you need to wait until the lipstick sets before testing that theory. However, once it has had some time to dry on your lips a little, it works great. It completely works against my idea of liquid lipstick and gives your lips a soft, not smudging appearance.

Although it took some doing to find the ingredients, the Lip Ink Liquid Lipstick is easiest the most natural cosmetic we have happened across to date. If chemicals are your big no-no, then this is a viable option to go to. Better yet, if you don’t want something that smudges and smears like typical tube lipstick, this fast-drying liquid lipstick provide long-lasting coverage that only irritates if you are sensitive to natural ingredients. If that’s the case, you might need to keep looking.