Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

There’s just something pretty and glamorous about having longer and fuller eyelashes. That’s why every time we go out somewhere fun or fancy, we take time applying mascara and curling it up for a fluttery effect. But sometimes, you crave for something more – something that looks more natural and stays. Thankfully, eyelash extensions are there to solve that. Check out for best deals for your eyelash extension on Flutter Habit to complete your full makeup.

Eyelash extensions are fake singular eyelashes that are dipped in glue and are meticulously adhered one-by-one to your individual natural eyelashes. This method, as compared to using false eyelashes, makes it less obvious that you have enhanced your natural lashes. People might notice, but most of them may not be able to pinpoint what it is. 

Extensions are perfect for women who want to be oozing with confidence and glamour with fuller, natural-looking lashes. But here’s what you need to know before going to your salon and getting one. And for professional eyelash extension and eye lift services, visit this reputable Eyelash salon

1. Look for a trusted eyelash pro


Given how eyelash extensions are attached, perhaps you see that getting it is not a job for a DIY makeup enthusiast. First of all, you must choose the establishment and stylist. It’s like choosing your own hair stylist, a tattoo artist, or a cosmetic surgeon – there are a lot of bad ones who are in business. It’s best to ask referral from friends, relatives or your favorite make-up artist. Lash extensions are easier to screw up than to do right, so do your research and look for a professional lash stylist who has enough experience with the job.

2. Eyelash extensions are perfectly safe when done properly

A lot of people are hindered by the idea that eyelash extensions can be unsafe. To set the record straight, eyelash extension glue is completely safe and pain-free, as they are medically-graded and are free of formaldehyde. When correctly applied by a pro, the glue and extensions should never come in contact with the skin. Some people can fall asleep during the procedure (because it’s really time-consuming and a bit boring for the recipient of the session), thus showing how non-invasive it is.

3. Not all eyelash extensions are the same

It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. You get to choose the lash material: the most common types of extensions used are mink, silk and synthetic. Mink and silk feel softer, looks more natural and are usually pricier; while synthetics can be highly customizable and is best for sensitive skin and eyes.

You also have to pick how dense you want your lashes to be (fuller lashes means more material), what kind of curl you prefer (steeper slope means more dramatic effect), and how long you want it to be (lash extensions are generally available in 8-14 millimeters).

Every parlor or spa offers different lash extension options, so it’s best to show your stylist a photo of the eyelash look you want, so they can offer you the best choice and you can talk about how much it would cost. And because you want to look glamorous, be aware that it comes with a significant price. On average, eyelash extensions can cost about $100 to $300, depending on the location (in cities, it would be more expensive) and the stylist or salon you would go to.

4. It’s best to go to the parlor with no makeup on


For the adhesive glue to function properly, it needs a clean base, so it’s better to have no makeup on. And if you wear contact lenses, it’s best not to wear them during the application because they might dry your eyes during the session.

5. The procedure will take about at least 1 ½ hour

The entire session of applying a full set of eyelashes takes at least one and a half hours, depending on the fullness and the set of eyelashes you choose. But if you would come back every two to three weeks for periodic fills to keep your eyelashes full, it would take less than an hour.

6. It will take at least 12 hours for the lash extensions to stick

Most stylists will tell you not to cry, sweat, swim, take a hot shower, or wash your face for at least 12 hours after getting extensions, to give the glue enough time to dry. In short, don’t expose your lashes to any water or heat just yet. Some may tell you that it needs a full 24-48 hours, depending on the kind of extensions and the kind of glue they use. If you don’t wait for the glue to dry completely before subjecting to water and heat, it may dissolve and invade your eyes, causing eye redness and irritation. When it comes to using make-up and skin-care products, avoid oil-based products like makeup removers and moisturizers since they can break down the adhesive (as you can see, this are also one of the reasons why it’s best to go with no makeup on). After the time given for the glue to dry, you can proceed with your normal life, like showering with face wetting and going to the gym to sweat off.

7. The usually last for about 6-8 weeks

Given that you follow the aftercare instructions properly, the amount of time your lash extensions will last would depend on your natural eyelash growth cycle – since the extensions are glued to the lashes themselves. Eyelashes naturally shed about every 6-8 weeks, but all your lashes are on a different growth cycle so they won’t fall off simultaneously. After that time period, it is recommended to get your lashes filled every two to three weeks if you want your glam lashes to stay for long-term. You might love to see your lashes full every single day, so a trip back to the parlor can be inevitable.  For an alternative option, you can also buy eyelash extensions at Paris Lash Academy, they offer a variety of eyelash extension supplies, do visit them online.

8. It’s not applicable for all people

But before getting one, you must assess yourself and your lifestyle if you can really maintain eyelash extensions. You should not get one if you have very sensitive skin, a lot of allergies (because you may turn out to be allergic to the fake lash or the glue), watery eyes, eye disorder, thin and fragile lashes, or if you have a mannerism of rubbing your eyes a lot. Practically speaking, it’s also not advisable to people who constantly wear eyeglasses, unless they’re going to wear contact lenses instead.

9. It can get in the way of your regular eye makeup regimen


Obviously, lash extensions take the place of mascara. You will already look glamorous without it! Besides that, it is not recommended at all, since most mascaras are oil-based and can damage the adhesive. Going for a water-proof version doesn’t help either – it can cause extensions to clump together. Most importantly, since mascara has to be removed by the end of the day, it may be difficult to cleanse your lashes because of the extensions, and worse – it may break it up and remove the lash extensions (and your real lashes) altogether.

Your everyday eye makeup can be unnecessary once you have lash extensions. The base of each extension can give the illusion of wearing eyeliner, too. If there are special occasions when you need more dramatic makeup, it would be more difficult to apply some eyeliner because the angle and length of the lashes can block your view.

You also need to be more careful when removing eye makeup. Using oil-based wipes or cleaners can dissolve the adhesives on your extensions. It’s recommended that you opt for oil-free makeup removers, and while you’re taking your makeup off, gently swipe downwards and away from the lashes.