Hypoallergenic Almay HydraColor Review

For many, Almay is a beloved cosmetic brand. Unfortunately, for those who have allergies or skin that is sensitive to makeup, trusted brands like Almay are often the worst offenders when it comes to makeup that irritates our faces. However, unlike some other Almay products, the HydraColor brand of lipstick is a boon. Not only is it a great product to prevent dry lips with its moisturizing properties, but it is also a hypoallergenic brand.

This means that Almay HydraColor is without lanolin and animal byproducts found in other lipstick brands that can lead to skin irritation and trigger horrible allergic reactions. With the addition of vitamin E, it also works to hydrate lips that can be otherwise dehydrated by lipstick, which really explains the name. However, alongside the vitamin E, it also comes with SPF 15 to provide your sensitive lips protection from the sun.

All that is great, but the Almay HydraColor isn’t perfect. While it doesn’t feature the same common sensitive lip irritants and allergens as non-hypoallergenic lipstick, it does host a wide range of chemicals that may cause irritation if your lips are indeed super sensitive to chemicals. It also uses iron oxide for SPF, which unless you have an allergy specifically to it won’t cause much problems, but like sunscreen that uses it, it makes the lipstick a little thicker than other brands.