How To Throw The Best Glitz & Glam Party

If you have an upcoming party to plan and have exhausted all your “run of the mill” themed options, why not try throwing a glitz and glam party? Whether it’s a birthday, end of year office bash or just a get together for your closest friends, a glitz and glamour party can be a chance to add a bit of sparkle and fun to your next event.

Planning Your Glitz And Glam Party

To ensure your glamorous party is a success, it is important to plan every last detail from the red-carpet entrance to the colour of the sequins on your dress.

First off, start by deciding on a date, approximately how many guests would be invited, your venue, and when the invitations should go out. After deciding on a venue and who to invite, get the invitations made/designed and send them out, give them out at least 3 weeks ahead of time (4 – 6 weeks if your costume theme is elaborate and takes more planning).

Before you send out the invites you want to make sure you choose a venue that has all your party needs covered. The venue should have enough space for all the guests, party adornments and tables for food, drink, and entertainment.

Next on the to-do list is your food and entertainment planning. Deciding on whether you will cater yourself or hire someone to do the food is a big deal. Next, decide on your entertainment. To ensure your pre-party weeks are calm and stress free, get your invites out as soon as possible. This gives you and your guests time to plan without rushing at the last minute.

Here are some suggestions on how to bring the theme of glitz and glamour into your party:

1. Decorating

Decorations are going to be the place where your glitz and glam party can shine. Consider all aspects from the entrance way to the food. 

For the entry we suggest kitting it out like the Grammy’s or a movie premiere:

  • Hire a red carpet
  • Set up velvet rope around the carpet entrance to bring that feeling of exclusivity to the maximum
  • Set up a red-carpet area where your guests can pose against a background for “paparazzi” photos
  • Hire a professional photographer to photograph the event and to capture your guests living their best celebrity fantasy as they arrive

2. Party Favours

To really capture the feeling of a glamorous party, you need to bring that Grand Rush style feeling into the atmosphere too:

  • Hand out gift bags full of glamorous gifts. For the ladies perhaps a gift bag full sparkling costume jewellery, tiaras, feather boas and some glam lipstick. For the men, you can put in snazzy cuff links, sequinned bow ties or crazy hats.
  • On the tables you can have items such as disposable cameras, glamorous sunglasses, glitzy hair accessories and glam gifts that the guests can take home.

3. Food and Drink

Bring the glam into the food and drink by doing things like:

  • Having a wide array of unusual and fancy cocktails and champagne
  • Hiring staff (dressed to the nines), to serve food on trays
  • Create a food and drink menu that is centred around glitz, such as: flaming martini’s, colourful bite sized foods, glamorous serving equipment and high quality appetizers

Hosting a glamorous party doesn’t have to be stressful. Tap into that inner glittery goddess that lives inside you and bring out the glam!