How to get a WAP

If you don’t already know what “WAP” is then you need to open YouTube and look up “WAP By Cardi B. Ft Megan the Stallion” NOW!

Getting a WAP is all about maintaining your vaginal health and hygiene. Your vagina is an essential body part, which keeps your body healthy, functions to excrete the physical toxins, and is also your source of sexual pleasure. So as a girl, you NEED to take care of your vagina and get a WAP!

In this guide, we’ll be giving you some of the top tips to maintain your vaginal health. So keep reading to learn exactly how you can get a WAP:

Tip # 1: Choose Your Underwear Wisely

As a woman, you need to realise that doing less (for your vagina specifically) is doing more! So stick to the basics and always go for cotton underwear.

Occasionally wearing a swimsuit or thong won’t cause you immediate problems. But regularly wearing fabric that inhibits breathing is not good for your vagina.

One of the main reasons why you need to wear breathable fabric like cotton down there is because otherwise, your underwear will start collecting moisture – and that’s BAD! If you’re wearing underwear that collects moisture, ditch it immediately. This is because moisture in your undies serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and infection, which ultimately leads to mild issues like bumps and pimples, or major problems like infections.

Tip # 2: Use a Vaginal Moisturizer for Dryness

Is your area down there dry and flaky?

Then you need a good and reliable vaginal moisturizer!

A lot of women hesitate to use products down there. But when it comes to dryness, it’s important to moisturize your skin, especially if you want a healthy and WAP!

In addition, a vaginal moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and silky, hydrate your skin, and prevent bumps and pimples. It will also keep your skin wrinkle free!

Tip # 3: Get Rid of Wet or Sweaty Clothes ASAP

If you want to make sure that your vagina is happy and healthy – and ultimately get a WAP – then you need to get rid of sweaty or wet clothes the moment you complete your task.

For instance, if you are working out or just doing some chores that make you sweaty and wet overall, take a shower the minute you are done.

Sitting in wet clothes is another way of allowing germs and bacteria to grow on your body – especially your vaginal area, which is quite sensitive. As a result, you are likely to experience mild itching and rashes. In the worst case scenario (and if you’re REALLY unhygienic), you might develop infections like yeast infection, which will be extremely uncomfortable to go through and get treated.

Precaution is better than cure – so take care of your vagina and shower after a workout, heavy physical activity or just generally after a long day of sweating.

Some Additional Tips

  • Try to wash after you use the toilet – washing is a great way to eliminate the germs and bacteria after secretions!
  • Use disposable wipes to get rid of the extra water (which can cause moisture accumulation) and kill any remaining germs
  • Always drinks water and stay hydrated to avoid any foul odour down there
  • Take your vitamins to keep your body healthy and get that WAP

Just like your face or your hands, your vagina needs to be taken care of! Not only is it responsible for keeping your body toxin-free, but it is also your sexual organ and gives you immense amounts of pleasure.

Doesn’t it deserve some love too?