How to draw eyebrows on properly

Are you getting eyebrow envy on the regular? Don’t fret – full and thick eyebrows aren’t only reserved for those blessed with them as kids. If you have spares, thin and over-plucked eyebrows, you can achieve a much more full looking eyebrow shape using a variety of makeup styles. Eyebrow pencils are one of the most popular products to use on your brows, mainly thanks to their ability to provide an illusion of fuller eyebrows. Have a read of our blog to discover how to do your eyebrows perfectly with the Eyebrow Queen pencil.

Find the gaps

First things first, before using your eyebrow pencil, you’ll need to identify any gaps or sparse areas that are clearly present in your eyebrows. Brushing the brows into a good position will make any of these areas super obvious, especially those with less hair. One of our top tips for finding those gaps is to brush them upwards at the front of your eyebrows and then outward in the direction of the tails. The best way to do this is by using a spoolie brush. Then… voila! You’ll have found all the areas that need sharpening up.

Use fine, smooth strokes

In order to achieve your dream look, you’re going to need to use an eyebrow pencil with a sharp end. This will enable you to draw much more fine hair strokes that are essential for creating an entirely natural look. Ultimately, the finer the point of the pencil, the finer your look will be. If you’re looking for a perfect eyebrow pencil, the Eyebrow Queen Brow Pro is up there with the best of the bunch. Using an innovative, tiny triangular self-sharpening tip, the pencil gives you the ability to draw incredibly precise hair strokes, alongside defining and shading your brows too. Another top tip is to use the finer corners of your eyebrow pencil, in order to draw hair strokes into those gaps you previously spotted. Once you fill in those gaps, you’ll be able to balance your overall brow and therefore greatly enhance the entire shape. Those with shaky hands should make sure to balance elbows on a steady surface to help you get the best results possible.

Nail the shape

There’s no point doing all that prep work if you don’t nail the shape of your eyebrows. Once the gaps have been filled in, it’s time to give your brows some shape and symmetry. We suggest avoiding drawing lines around the edges of your brows, as well as being too heavy-handed when using your pencil. The result of both of these mistakes is eyebrows that look unnatural and less authentic. Instead, you should be more patient and take the time to build up a distinctive shape on both sides. Keep adding some slight definition by using softer strokes, while intensifying colour with further shading and definition. Unsure about which eyebrow shapes to go for? Take the time to do some research on the internet to get some good ideas for your face shape.

The right eyebrow pencil can make all the difference to the definition of your eyebrows, so make sure to invest in a brand you can trust. Follow our top tips and you’ll be well on the way to achieving your dream brows!